Great First Impressions: Sleek + Serene Modern Entry

Expansive wood walls and smooth stepping stones lead to the front of this modern home from assemblageSTUDIO. Here, a foyer comprised of beautiful glass panels and an elongated door offers a sleek and serene entrance. 

Photo By: Bill Timmerman

Photo By: Bill Timmerman

Photo By: Bill Timmerman

Photo By: Bill Timmerman

Photo By: Bill Timmerman

Photo By: Bill Timmerman

Photo By: Bill Timmerman

Stepping Stone Pathway Leads to Home's Entry

Rectangular stepping stones surrounded by gravel and minimal landscaping lead the way to the home's entrance.

Modern Home With Large Wood Front Door & Fire Feature

A tall, warm wood front door with a linear pull provides entry to the modern home. A stepping stone and gravel walkway, sleek fire feature and minimal landscaping complete the design.

Overhead View of Walkway & Landscaping

Staggered stone slabs with a gravel surround create a walkway towards the home's entrance. Green shrubs and a couple of wooden logs add a minimalist, modern touch that completes the design.

Stone & Gravel Walkway

Staggered stone slabs paired with gravel form a walkway to the home's front entry. Minimal landscaping complements the modern design.

Modern Home With Desert Setting

Located along the western edge of Las Vegas at the base of Red Rock, this modern home utilizes minimal landscaping because of the dry, desert setting. A canopy has been designed to eliminate direct sunlight from entering into the residence during the hottest seasons while allowing maximum visibility to the south.

Sleek, Modern Home With Stepping Stone Pathway

Glass surrounds the home's front entry, making it a bright and welcoming place for guests. A stepping stone pathway with surrounding gravel complements the modern design.

Warm Wood Front Door Entry to Modern Home

Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the home's front entrance, flooding the foyer and living spaces with natural light.

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