9 Times 'Tiny House Hunters' Buyers Forgot They Wanted to Downsize

"This feels kinda small to me." SMH. 

Tiny House With Petite Front Porch

Tiny House With Petite Front Porch

Tumbleweed’s Elm features a custom arched window above the door reminiscent of an old-fashioned train caboose. The full porch and lancet window give this exterior design the charm and elegance that started it all.

Photo by: Tumbleweed

There’s no doubt HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters is ridiculously entertaining to watch. It’s crazy to see how much can be squeezed into a space smaller than most living rooms, and exciting to watch which tiny home the house hunters choose. But, let’s face it, the best part of the show is when buyers seem to have forgotten which HGTV program they signed up for (wait, this isn’t regular House Hunters?) To highlight some of these fantastic moments, we’ve rounded up tweets from real-life fans who we’re guessing, on occasion, have shouted at their TVs: “It’s called Tiny House Hunters for a reason!” (Admit it, you’ve probably done the same.) We gathered up 9 times buyers totally missed the point of #TinyHouseHunters

When they worry the home isn’t quite the size they’re hoping for. Yes, they may be looking for a tiny house, just not that tiny. 

When their wish list is bigger than the house itself. A down-sized house doesn’t mean giving up all the luxuries of a full-sized home, right? 

When they appear to have a change of heart. It’s unclear whether some buyers are fickle…or just have amnesia. 

When they still expect a full-sized kitchen. Because why should living in a mini home mean sacrificing space for culinary creativity?

When they try to hide their disappointment. Many buyers try to be tactful with their reactions,  but HGTV #TinyHouseHunters fans see right through them (and aren’t afraid to say so on Twitter).

When math isn’t the buyers’ forte. 200 square feet? That’s plenty of space for all of their must-have features. 

When one toilet simply isn’t enough. Sure, it’s a small house. But only one bathroom? Now that’s just ridiculous. 

When a they still need ample storage. The family may be trying to simplify their lifestyle, but where are they supposed to keep all their stuff?

When it’s very possible the buyers actually signed up for the wrong show. Define: tiny

For more hilarious comments about mini homes, tune in to Tiny House Hunters on HGTV! And don’t forget to tag all of your own tweets with #TinyHouseHunters

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