6 Oddly Satisfying Moments From Your Favorite HGTV Shows + Stars

Dive into inexplicably pleasing moments from your favorite HGTV shows.

By: Ryan Reed

Watching HGTV is satisfying for so many reasons, but there are some moments during each show where your senses tingle and you can’t seem to explain why. We like to call those "oddly satisfying moments."

"Oddly satisfying" is an internet phenomenon that has exploded in recent years. Whether it’s a video of someone mixing paint or a photo of a perfectly round tomato, these seemingly random things are enjoyed by millions.

Along with the help of my fellow editors, I pulled together a few oddly satisfying moments found on HGTV. If we missed yours, share it with us on social media using the hashtag #HGTVOddlySatisfying.

Giant Photo on Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

There’s one moment in every Fixer Upper episode I always look forward to. Right before Chip and Joanna Gaines reveal the renovated home, they wheel out a gigantic photo of what the house looked like before they worked their magic. Not only does it add to the suspense, but the photo lines up perfectly with the surrounding landscaping.

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Reality Check on Property Brothers

Young homebuyers are often accused of having champagne taste on a beer budget, and no place is that more evident than on Property Brothers. At the beginning of each episode, the prospective buyers are taken into a stunning home by Drew and Jonathan Scott and wow’d by the granite, open floor plan and spacious backyard. They're, of course, blind to the fact that the home is grossly out of budget — that is until the brothers reveal the price tag.

Tiny House, Big Family

Often, oddly satisfying moments happen when something fits inside something else perfectly, like a lemon slice inside a mug. The same applies to Tiny House Hunters. During the show you wonder, can this family of three or four, and their dog, fit inside this tiny home? Sure enough, they always make it work.

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Nicole Curtis' Hair

One of our editors spotted this oddly satisfying moment on Nicole Curtis’ Instagram. The Rehab Addict host was at Maker Faire preparing to showcase her torching skills when she whipped her hair into a bun with little effort — much to the delight of her nearly 200K followers.

Hilary + David Banter

The Love It or List It duo have great on-screen chemistry, and nowhere is that more evident than in the show's opening scene. As the real estate agent and designer walk through a home that will be renovated and potentially sold, they trade quips about the condition of the home that is oddly satisfying to listen to.

House Hunters Marathon

I can’t tell you how many Sunday chores I’ve left undone because I sat down to eat lunch only to discover perfectly-spaced blocks on the TV guide showing hours of House Hunters episodes yet to come. Perhaps the most oddly satisfying moment there is.

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