He Said, She Said: Dave and Kortney Wilson of 'Masters of Flip'

See what the Masters of Flip couple had to say when asked the same questions about their habits and their enviable adoration for each other.

By: Jessica Galliart

Dave and Kortney Wilson can often be seen having, er, slight disagreements on HGTV’s Masters of Flip over design choices, price points or construction plans while on the job. Renovation work isn’t always easy, and the Wilsons make it a point to show these authentic bumps in the road — and consistent meet-me-halfway resolutions later on — on Masters of Flip.

We asked the couple to independently answer a few of the same questions — about their own habits and about each other — to see just how in sync the two are off-screen. After nearly 18 years together, the Wilsons are clearly on the same (completely crazy for each other) page.

What do you usually have in your pockets at any given time?

Dave: Oh dear, sadly you can see this when I go through security at the airport. My pockets usually produce a few coins, a gum wrapper, maybe an almond or other nut product. There is usually an old list from days earlier with half the items not crossed off.

Kortney: I rarely have anything in my pocket but if I do, it’s lip gloss. Something strawberry or minty flavored.

What’s something you can’t live without?

Dave: My family! I really, really, really like my wife and kids, my two dogs and my chickens. Without them, I gots nothin’.

Kortney: My kids…and mascara. But mostly my kids.

What other career paths have you considered?

Dave: When I was a kid I wanted to be a truck driver. I was fascinated with big, flat-faced rigs. I still am today. When I was 15 and discovered music and bands, it was all over. I was going to be a singer in a rock band. I always thought Def Leppard would fire their singer and they would discover me in some bar, and the rest would be history. Turns out, those guys are very loyal, so here I am.

Kortney: Growing up, I always knew that I would eventually move to Nashville and be a country music singer. I also loved acting but didn’t feel like I was committed long-term to making that work. For a very brief time, I thought about going back to school to be a therapist, but I’d settle for a talk show. Oprah’s considered a therapist, right?

What are some of the most memorable jobs you’ve had?

Dave: I’ve had some good ones: waiter, DJ, painter, busker, concrete mixer, landscaper. I’ve picked rocks out of fields, bailed hay, milked cows, neutered sheep, plowed fields...and my favorite was the summer I shoveled nothing but pig poop.

Kortney: When I moved to Nashville, I was a photographer's assistant. He took pictures of products and, most often, tires. I would spend hours pinching off the little rubber hairs on a tire so he could get the perfect shot. It wasn’t glamorous, but he taught me to pay attention to the details.

When did you know you had met your match?

Dave: I knew she was a special find the minute I laid eyes on her. I thought she was a little unpolished, but I could work with it (obviously joking, people). She had an energy that was contagious, a drive that was honest and her voice was like butter. (I love butter!) We spent every minute with each other those first few weeks in Nashville, and I knew she was my lady when I didn’t want to be away from her for one second. Now, I could use a few minutes once in a while, but she still has that “thing” I crave to be around at all times.

Kortney: I think we had been together for a few months and I knew that I loved him, but I wasn’t quite sure beyond that. He actually broke up with me around the six-month mark, and I really felt like I had lost my love and my best friend. It was only a 24-hour breakup, but we’ve been together ever since.

Tell us something about your partner that (s)he wouldn’t tell us.

Dave: Kortney has a lot of mystery to her, even though she can also be an open book. They say you only need a handful of true friends in this life. You can only hope to have one like Kort. She is honest, cares more about the people around her than she does herself and will be there for you regardless of what she has going on. I once watched her spend all week looking forward to a dinner event, spend all day getting ready for the event, then get a call on the way from a neighbor that needed a drive to the hospital. She didn’t blink about missing the event and spent eight hours at the hospital so our neighbor wasn’t alone. She did win “Best Dressed in the ER” award.

Kortney: I have witnessed Dave giving his last 20 bucks to a homeless man on countless occasions, when $20 was a lot of money to us. He will also usually ask a person living on the street if they want him to order them anything upon walking into a restaurant. He’s a good human being and has a gift for putting everyone ahead of himself.

Catch more of Dave and Kortney on Masters of Flip on HGTV, Mondays at 9p|8c.

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Follow the Wilsons as they flip Nashville homes in HGTV's Masters of Flip.

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