'Good Bones' Season Two is Headed Your Way

Those mighty Indy women, Mina and Karen, are back for a second season of home renos and rescues in their city's historic neighborhoods.

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They're Baaaack!...

Mina Starsiak and Karen E Laine of HGTV's Good Bones

Mina Starsiak and Karen E Laine of HGTV's Good Bones

It's been almost a year, but we've got a hunch it will be worth the wait. Dynamic and irrepressible mother-daughter duo Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak return for a second season of their popular HGTV series Good Bones. The season two premiere is happening on Tuesday, May 30 at 10p|9c, with 12 more brand-new episodes in the weeks that follow.

For those of you who got hooked on season one, you've got a basic idea of what's ahead. But, rest assured, there are surprises in store. For those who somehow missed the first round (shame on you!), here's the elevator pitch: Karen is a former lawyer who took time off from her litigating career to combine forces with her real-estate savvy daughter, Mina. After restoring and renovating one home together (Mina's first home after college), the two got bitten by the old-house bug and ultimately started a home renovation and restoration business under the name Two Chicks and Hammer. Word spread. Notoriety began to grow. Next thing you know, they've got a show on a popular cable TV network. And it's a must-see on HGTV.

Okay, that's too long for an elevator pitch, but there you have it.

…And Better Than Ever

The thing is that neither Mina nor Karen can stand to see a good home (or potentially salvageable one) go down under the wrecking ball, so now they're on a mission to find and rescue troubled and distressed homes in their beloved city of Indianapolis — then flip them for a profit.

Mina takes hardwood-floor installation into her own hands.

Mina takes hardwood-floor installation into her own hands.

Said profits can then be channeled into similar projects, and so the cycle continues. The corollary and larger mission is to, through their own well-conceived efforts, contribute to the restoration and building up whole neighborhoods, to see them grow, and thus attract new residents — people of similar enthusiasm who value a community's history and roots.

Every tragic house deserves a second chance. With a little vision and a lot of hard work, we create beautiful homes for our neighbors.


Mina Starsiak (l) holds down a railing as Karen E. Laine (r) uses a power drill on a portion of a metal staircase as seen on Good Bones. (action)

Photo by: Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Clearly flipping old houses is something that can serve a base profit motive but, when done in the thoughtful and deliberate the manner that Mina and Karen go about it, also feeds a motive with a higher purpose. And it may actually foster a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy that's uplifting and positive beyond the limits of the projects at hand. A benevolent snowball effect. A grassroots phenomenon. Everybody wins.

It’s important to us that the people who move into our houses love the house and love the neighborhood.

Principal Characters

Did we mention that, put Karen and Mina in a room (or on a project) together, and the results can be hilarious? Dedicated as they both are to the job at hand, there's an interplay between daughter and Mom that can cause some sparks to fly, and make things — for you, dear viewer — irresistibly entertaining.

Mina Starsiak

Photo by: Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Mina Starsiak

Karen E Laine

Photo by: Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Karen E Laine

Mom, in this case, is the one inclined to be the free-spirited dreamer. Daughter Mina is high-energy, focused and may have to occasionally bring mom back to terra firma. Think things get interesting? They do.

What to Look For

The freshman season of Good Bones saw Karen and Mina pull off some impressive and charming home makeovers and rescue some remarkably distressed properties, often taking the homes down to the bare studs in order to resurrect them.

A lot has happened since then. (Mina got married, for one thing.) Scope and scale have grown. This season Karen and Mina will take on even bigger risks and tougher projects — from dealing with compromised foundations to essentially reconstructing homes from the ground up.

Count on the fact that each episode will still tell the story of one start-to-finish transformation, including the kinds of challenges and hurdles that come up with these ambitious types of undertakings, as well as some novel adventures and scenarios that only this duo could find themselves in.

Karen E. Laine (l) and Mina Starsiak (r) pose at the Voodoo Lounge pallet bar in the renovated backyard as seen on Good Bones. (after)

Photo by: Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

As far as the makeovers and designs, viewers can expect to see the same kinds of novel and surprising end-results they’ve come to expect, with re-envisioned homes and interior spaces that blend historic elements with an imaginative and sometimes funky vibe.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images
Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Interior view of the living room at the remodeled home at 308 Sanders Street in Indianapolis, Indiana as seen on HGTVÕs Good Bones.

Photo By: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

A seating area is in the backyard after renovations are complete as seen on Good Bones.(exterior, after)

Photo By: Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Set a reminder now, and keep checking back here for more updates, new galleries, exclusive videos and more on HGTV's Good Bones. Moreover, if you don't tune in, you may never find out what's up with this...

A voodoo doll hangs aboe the Voodoo Lounge bar in the renovated backyard as seen on Good Bones. (detail)

Photo by: Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

Mary Ann Carter/Getty Images

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