8 Great Loves Seen on HGTV

Brotherly love, passion for granite countertops ... who says couples have all the fun? 

Despite what jewelers and chocolatiers will tell you, Valentine’s Day is about much, much more than ho-hum, his-and-hers romantic love. Take a spin through the epic group hug that is the HGTV team’s affections — for each other, and for their passion projects. 

Lara Spencer + Flea Markets

Women in Flea Market

Hidden Treasures

Don't just stick to familiar territory. Look through boxes, go to the back of the shop and look for good "bones" on furniture.

From: Flea Market Flip

I Brake for Yard Sales isn’t just a clever book title for Lara Spencer. Given her deep and abiding affection for pulling to the side of the road and hunting for treasure, it’s more than a bit miraculous that she succeeds in driving anywhere else.  

David Bromstad + Murals

Guys, David Bromstad is here to chew bubble gum and paint murals, and he is all out of bubble gum. While it’s wrong to imprison people for no reason, if he came to stay at your house, it would be difficult to resist the temptation to lock him in a room with a bunch of paint. If you left him in there long enough, he wouldn’t be able to resist going to work on at least one of the walls. 

Egypt Sherrod + Math

Photo by: Bob Mahoney

Bob Mahoney

Figures are key in all sorts of home projects, but few flippers (let alone Property Virgins) wield a pen as mightily as Egypt does. She breaks projects down on the wall before she breaks into them, and it’s entirely possible that there’s a line in her budget somewhere for Sharpies.

Jonathan + Drew + Selfies

Drew and Jonathan Scott take a selfie down the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line, as seen on Brothers Take New Orleans.

Photo by: Jackson Hill /AP Images

Jackson Hill /AP Images

What has four arms and never met an Instagrammable moment they didn’t seize? Jonathan and Drew Scott, HGTV’s Property Brothers (and a two-part, delightfully hammy answer to Cindy Sherman). 

Holly Baker + New Orleans

New Orleans Reno is a long (and extremely stylish) love letter from Holly to the Crescent City. Technically she’s from Canada, but we’re pretty sure her adopted home is ready to adopt her right back. 

Karen + Mina

As seen on Good Bones, hosts Karen E Laine (R) and Mina Starsiak (L) stain stair treads to match laminate flooring. (action)

Photo by: AJ Mast/AP Images

AJ Mast/AP Images

Karen and Mina filmed the first episode of what would become Good Bones on a flip-cam, then edited it, set it to music and sent it to HGTV. The rest is history, and a pretty impressive example of how far you can go when your family’s got your back. 

Hilary and David + Competition

As seen on HGTV's Brother vs. Brother, Hilary Farr, an international home designer, and David Visentin, a Canadian real estate agent and co-host, with Hilary of HGTV's Love It or List It, shoot a promo in front of the Lousteau home in West Hills, California. (Action)

Photo by: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

Stephanie Diani / Getty Images

Love It or List It’s dueling hosts are convivial colleagues, to be sure, but there’s no denying that they’re out for blood when they go head to head. Wouldn’t the world be a lovely place if all throwdowns ended in cozy homes the way theirs do? 

House Hunters + Granite Countertops

Did Ashford & Simpson know way back in ’84 that they were writing an anthem for a whole generation of homeowners?

Solid as a rock
And nothing's changed it
The thrill is still hot, hot, hot
Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.

Cupid, you’re a weird guy. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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