15 Inspiring Ways to Deck Out Your Front Porch for Halloween

Spook up your outdoor entry with these ideas straight from Instagram.

If you’re excited that Halloween is right around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about how to decorate your house for the holiday. And there’s no spot that’s more important than your front porch.

While you can never go wrong with a simple pumpkin or two, we’re excited about these Halloween decorations that take things one step further. Always a treasure trove of inspiration, we combed through Instagram to find some of the freshest ideas we could rustle up for a spooky, scary Halloween-themed front porch.

Banners in Urns

Halloween banners are an easy fix for updating large urns or potted plants you already have flanking your front door. Make your own DIY banners with Halloween messages using felt, letter stencils, wood sticks and metallic paint.


Create a "Halloween tree" which is just like a Christmas tree but features orange and black ornaments. If you can’t find orange or black ornaments, you can spray-paint or glitter any existing ornaments for a quick fix.

Spooky Flamingos

These spooky flamingos are a fun update on standard lawn ornaments, especially if you live in a warm climate. If you have some inexpensive lawn ornaments, you can spray-paint them black and add white paint to make them look more like skeletons.

Trick-or-Treat Signs

Print out simple signs with different Halloween sayings, then put them in inexpensive frames and lean them up against your porch. We also found a lightbox that could be a fun solution for something like this.

Black Branches

You can easily create some spooky branches by spray-painting regular branches black. Stick them into potted plants, then add paper spiders or birds to amp up the scary factor.

Striped Wreath

While orange and black are considered traditional Halloween colors, don’t be afraid to step outside the box. This simple black-and-white striped wreath is a modern take on Halloween decor that's perfect for a more streamlined look.

Spider Wreath

Use faux black flowers and ribbon to create your own Halloween wreath. You can then attach fake spiders and hang it on your front door for an extra-spooky look.

Masked Pumpkins

An easy fix for upping your pumpkin game is to add simple black masks. You can create these with black construction paper, scissors and elastic. Try creating some varied masks, like these.

Pumpkins in a Lantern

This simple decor idea can quickly turn your front porch into Halloween headquarters. Fill up a large, glass lantern with a bunch of small pumpkins and gourds. Group them together on the ground next to your front door or along the stairs of your front porch.

Pumpkin + Gourd Mix

Pile up some pretty pumpkins and gourds on a chair on your front porch. You could also try this on a bench or a hammock. Try to choose pumpkins with varying colors and textures to create visual interest.

Swap Out Plants for Pumpkins

If you happen to have tiered plant stands, try swapping out all of your plants for pumpkins. If you don’t have a plant stand, you could use crates or boxes of varying heights and stack the pumpkins on those next to each other.

Add Some Eyeballs

This is another easy add-on project if you already happen to have a lot of potted plants next to your front door or throughout your porch. You can DIY these with a pair of scissors, colored paper and a stick. These would even work great spread out on your front lawn.

Spiderweb Art

Use empty frames to create spiderweb art. Thick, black twine or thread can be used to create the actual web by making an "X" in the center of the frame, then tying and knotting the string between each section to make it look like an actual spiderweb.

Day of the Dead Decor

For a variation on the more traditional Halloween decor, try incorporating Day of the Dead designs. Celebrated in Latin American countries, this holiday often features bright colors and painted skulls.

Outdoor Rug

Try using a rug on your porch to tie together your Halloween decor. While you certainly could use a Halloween-themed rug, you could also simply add a solid black rug or one that features a more orange-toned pattern.

Spooky Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Halloween

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