Learn How to Craft an Easy, Boho-Chic Flower Crown

Go bold with a head full of blooms.

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From music festivals to weddings, flower crowns are a gorgeous floral trend we're seeing everywhere. And the best part? These boho-chic accessories are super easy to make yourself. All you need are a few basic supplies and a handful of your favorite blooms. Cameron Hardesty, director of products for the flower delivery startup, Urban Stems, shares seven easy steps to crafting a beautiful crown of posies for your next big event or night on the town.

Materials Needed

  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • flowers and greenery of choice
  • ribbon

Make Wire Crown

Bend two pieces of wire into a semicircle with a slight opening at the back. Stack the wires on top of each other and tape together at both ends.

Prepare Flowers

Select a combination of feature flowers (like roses or dahlias), filler flowers (like wax flower or coffee berry) and greenery. Remove all extra foliage below the bud and cut, leaving about 2 inches of stem.

Create Small Clusters of Flowers

Assemble four to five small boutonnieres by binding a cluster of three or four flowers together at the stems with floral tape. Leave an extra length of tape to be attached to the wire.

Attach Clusters to Crown

Hold the crown with the wire ends facing you; this is the six-o'clock position. Insert the first boutonniere with one wire above and one below at the nice-o'clock position. Blooms should be facing out at a slight angle. Secure to the wire form with an extra length of floral tape. 

Photo by: Max Grudzinski

Max Grudzinski


Place the next boutonniere so that the flowers conceal the tape and stems of the first placement. Bind in place with floral tape and repeat with remaining boutonnieres until the wire form is filled to the three-o'clock position.

DIY Flower Crown

Add Finishing Touches

Evaluate for fullness. Add a little greenery if necessary to mask any tape. If desired, attach greenery and/or filler flowers along the remaining exposed length of wire on both sides.

Photo by: Urban Stems

Urban Stems

Make Fastener

Bend the wire ends back in on themselves to form two loops. Spool two separate lengths of ribbon through each loop. Use ribbon to tie a bow in the back that's adjustable for different head sizes.

Show It Off

Don your finished crown and admire your beautiful floral handiwork.

Throw a Flower-Arranging Party

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