8 Makeup Tutorials That Will Transform Your Face for Halloween

You don't have to be a pro to follow these how-tos.

If you love any excuse to put on some false lashes, these Halloween makeup tutorials are for you. You don't have to be a pro to follow the easy steps, and you most likely have the items already in your makeup drawer. So grab those lashes and a wig, and be the star of the Halloween party.

Glam Dark Fairy

Woman With Purple Wig Dressed as Fairy for Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Dark Fairy Halloween Costume

Adults with a flair for the dramatic can take the typical fairy costume for a walk on the dark side with this step-by-step makeup tutorial.

The dark veins and moss detail really bring this dark fairy look to life. Let the makeup take center stage and wear a simple black dress and fairy wings to complete the look.

Creepy Rag Doll

Creepy Ragdoll Halloween Makeup and Costume

Creepy Ragdoll Halloween Costume

Go disguised as a ragdoll this Halloween. Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will show you how to totally transform your look with makeup.

This is so easy to put together that you can wait until the very last minute. Use makeup items you already have, and pair with a wig and dress from your closet.


Adult Cat Costume

Cat Costume and Makeup for Halloween

To turn yourself into an adorable cat for Halloween, cover your face with a blend of dark and light foundations to create the cat-face shape. Darken brows and create a bold cat eye with black eyeliner. Then color tip of nose black and add line from the nose to upper lip. Color top lip black. Apply a black shadow to the black areas for a more extreme cat eye. Use a white cream pencil and draw a small triangle just inside the black of the inner point. Using a large makeup brush, apply white shimmery eye shadow to the light highlights all around the face. Then, use black liquid eyeliner to accentuate the eyes by following the existing lines. Use the liner to dot on about five whisker spots above the lips on each side and draw three whiskers going out beside the nose. Add fun false eyelashes, cat ears, a tail and a collar to complete the look.

Sure, dressing up as a cat isn't the most original idea, but this tutorial takes feline to a whole new level. And you can create the look in less than 30 minutes!

Try It: Right Meow!

Aqua Mermaid

Woman Dressed as Mermaid With Blue Wig, Scales and Faux Pearls

Mermaid Halloween Costume

Pick a shade that complements the colors of your scales and embellish the wig with strings of faux pearls and shells to complete this striking mermaid Halloween costume.

Stick-on pearls and a long blue wig will make you look as though you're under the sea. Give your skin a true fish-scale look by using fishnet stockings. Genius, right?

Green Goddess

Woman With Red Wig, Green Ivy and Red Lips for Halloween Costume

Garden Goddess Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This Halloween, go as the enchanting comic book and feature film villainess. Get this glam garden goddess look for your costume party.

This tutorial could work for several costumes — whether you're going as the comic book character, Poison Ivy, or as mother nature — this enchanted look will surely get compliments.


Woman dressed as Medusa for Halloween

Adult Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Medusa

Strike a pose this Halloween with a mystical Medusa look. It will take about 30 minutes and a combination of cream and everyday makeup to transform into the mythical figure.

It will only take about 30 minutes and a combination of cream and everyday makeup to transform into this mythical Medusa figure.

Zombie Bride

Zombie Bride Halloween Costume

Zombie Bride Halloween Costume and DIY Makeup

This Halloween stop them dead in their tracks with this ghoulish zombie bride look using makeup you already have on hand plus a few extras from the costume shop.

Stop them dead in their tracks with this zombie bride look using your own makeup, plus costume additions.

Capitol City Vixen

Woman Dressed as Effie Trinket for Halloween Costume

Whimsical Effie Trinket Makeup Tutorial

This Halloween, show that you're a fan of the popular book series and feature films with this step-by-step makeup tutorial for achieving Capitol City's big-screen look.

Achieve Capitol City's big-screen look with this futuristic makeup tutorial.

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