8 Valentine's Day Girls' Night Party Ideas (No Date Required)

Ditch the Valentine's Day blues, and try out these alternative ideas for you and your best friends.

Valentine's Day is almost here! 

As someone who's happily married and has a great dude to spend the evening with, if I wanted to go out for a romantic, rose petal on the table, violinist walking around the restaurant, multi-course meal, my reaction would still be: ugh. Truth time: I'm just not a Valentine's Day girl.

But I also remember what it was like back in my single girl days, when Valentine's Day was just a giant reminder that I wasn’t in a relationship, didn’t have a boyfriend and was destined to spend the night alone watching a Lifetime Original Movie with a bag of Valentine’s Day-themed candy.

Well, I think it’s time to switch things up and take control of the Valentine’s Day blues…and I’ve got a solution: a girl's night party!



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Forget about finding a date, and instead invite all of your best girlfriends over for a night of fun, friendship and shenanigans. Here are 8 ideas for an anti-Valentine’s Day girls night party you’ll never forget.

An 80's John Hughes Movies Binge

There’s nothing that makes me happier than a John Hughes movie marathon. If you and your friends feel the same, this is a fun idea for a casual night in.  

Since you might not have a full four hours to movie binge, leave one on during your “cocktail hour” in the background, and then watch the second flick together as a group.

You could prepare bento boxes (a la Breakfast Club) for each of your guests with snacks to eat during the movie for a fun twist. I think the ideal combo is Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, but there's also: Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science and Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

Nail Art Mani/Pedi Party

If you’ve been curious about the nail art craze (or if you’re already hooked), why not have your girlfriends over for a nail art mani/pedi party? 

Ask everyone to bring over at least three bottles of nail polish so you can all share colors. Then pick up a few bottles of inexpensive polish remover, some cotton balls, and a few packs of fun nail decals. You can also brush up ahead of time on some nail art techniques on YouTube: DIY nail art without any tools.

Game Night

It might be fun to have all your girlfriends over for an old-fashioned game night. You could go the poker party route with poker chips, beer and salty snacks. Or maybe stick to something fun for a crowd like bingo. 

If you really want to kick it up a notch, Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious word game for groups that seems to get funnier and funnier as the night wears on.

Mood Board/Goal-Setting Party

Since we just kicked off 2016, it’s a great time to set some concrete goals for the year ahead. Creating a vision board is a fun, effective way of defining your intentions for the coming year as well as identifying your big dreams. 

Getting together with your girlfriends for a vision board party is a great way to manifest all of this! Have everyone bring a few magazines they don’t mind cutting up, as well as scissors, then pick up poster board and glue sticks, and create all of your vision boards together.

Each guest can go around the room and share their hopes and dreams after completing their vision board for accountability. You might even want to schedule a follow-up party for six months down the road to see how everyone is doing with their goal setting and dream manifesting. 

Cooking Party

If you have a big kitchen (and a smaller group), you might consider inviting everyone over for a cooking party. You could either all cook a delicious meal that you could enjoy together that night, or do something different like cooking up a bunch of small meals you can share with the group for the week to come. Everyone could come with some plastic containers and ingredients to make one simple dish, and then each of the dishes could be packed up so that everyone’s lunches are taken care of for the whole week.

If you feel like splurging, you could also have a chef come over to teach the group a specific dish or type of cuisine.

Clothing Exchange

Instead of going shopping, get all of your friends together for a clothing exchange party

Before the get together, go through your closet and choose 5-7 items that you’d like to exchange. Set out a clothing rack and some hangers for everyone to put their items on. Tell everyone to feel free to take as many items as the brought (so if they contributed 6 pieces, they can take 6 new pieces). Someone can volunteer to take any of the leftovers to Goodwill the following day.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards are a super fun activity for a group of friends, and there's a surprising amount of information online now if you're interested in learning how to read them

Of course, you could also book a professional tarot card reader to come by if you wanted to treat everyone to individual readings. Or you could book a reader to come and teach you and your friends the basics of how to read cards yourselves (so that you really could do it all on your own the next time around!).


If you really want to turn Valentine’s Day into a positive event, get all of your friends together and volunteer. You can decide on a local organization to help and visit them for an onsite volunteer outing. Or do something that you can complete as a group at home, such as sending postcards to kids with life threatening illnesses.

You can make the evening a potluck, then encourage everyone to make a donation with the money they would have spent on picking up a bottle of wine.

Host a Valentine's Day Card-Making Party

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