14 Tips for Crafting a One-of-A-Kind Wedding Hashtag

There's nothing basic about your love. Can you say the same about your #hashtag?

Coming up with a unique, memorable hashtag for your wedding day is a task that's almost as daunting as finding the perfect dress. After all, a hashtag isn't just a string of characters; it's a virtual hub around which so many of the special moments captured on your big day will live.

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A one-of-a-kind tag is not only a testament to your creativity, but it's a great way to get and keep wedding guests engaged and entertained. The great news is, crafting a successful hashtag really isn't as difficult as it seems! Get started with these creativity-sparking tips.

Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word

Avoid confusion and misspellings by capitalizing the first letter of each word in your hashtag, including prepositions. Otherwise, #YouHadMeAtHello could easily be confused for #YouHadMeatHello. You can also consider just capitalizing your names.

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Brass Penny Photography

"Celebritize" Your Names

Do your friends and relatives call you and your to-be by a single supercouple name akin to Kimye and Brangelina? If so, use it in your hashtag! Who needs those pesky extra syllables anyway?

Consider Your Location

Are you getting married by a lake? Is your wedding venue a popular tourist spot? Are you having a destination wedding? Use your location's unique traits as a jumping off point for hashtag creation. Some fun examples:




Utilize Your Theme

The best way to nail a theme wedding is to go all out. That includes a theme-centric hashtag. New Year's Eve wedding? Try #RingingInTheSmiths or #NewYearNewSmith. Garden theme? Try #BloomsAndGrooms or #BenAndJenAreSowInLove.

Be Punny

If your first or last names are synonyms or euphemisms for common words, use that wordplay to your advantage. Or consider working your names or wedding theme into a classic idiom. Fun examples:






Rhyme + Alliterate

Do your first or last names rhyme with or start with the same letter as popular wedding-related words such as vows, hitched, married, love, etc? Find fun ways to incorporate this lucky coincidence into your hashtag. Some of my faves:






Be Wary of Length

A long hashtag is not only hard to remember, but it's a pain for guests to type. Similarly, if you have a long name that's often misspelled, try a shortened version or nickname in your hashtag. For example, if your names are Emmaline and Christopher, you could try #EmAndChrisSayIDo.

Try the Name-Drop Approach

If either of you is changing your last name, consider noting the shift in your tag:





Get Creative With Your Date

Pull double-duty by crafting a unique hashtag that also reminds guests of the wedding date. Fun examples:





Inside Jokes Are Great Convo-Starters

Yes, inside jokes can be quite annoying for those who aren't "in" on the joke, but if the funny phrase is a touchstone of your relationship, use it! It's your wedding, after all. Plus, the bizarre tag serves as a great conversation starter during the often-awkward cocktail hour. For example, the first movie my now-married friends watched together was The Princess Bride. So naturally, their wedding hashtag was #TylerAndSamGetMawwied. People talked about it throughout the reception!

Ask Friends + Family

Get your nearest and dearest to come up with fresh ideas, give their honest opinion on hashtags you're considering and help determine whether your tag is easily understood and user-friendly.

Still Stumped? Add a Number

If you have a hashtag you like but are worried it's already been taken or is too generic, add a number or numbers to the beginning or end to set it apart. Any number that's special or significant to you and your S.O. will work! For example, instead of #JimAndHarry, you could tack the year you met onto the end for a special touch: #JimAndHarrySince87.

Check to Make Sure It's Unique

Love hashtag symbol

Love hashtag symbol

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Before announcing your hashtag to the world, check popular social media accounts to make sure it hasn't been used elsewhere. If it has, rethink, reorder or rework it for a tag that's as unique as you and your partner! Sometimes it's as simple as changing #RickAndLori to #LoriAndRick.

Spread the Word

Now that you've spent all this time coming up with the perfect hashtag, make sure your friends and family use it! Add your special tag to your wedding invitations, wedding website and even consider printing it on your programs and menus. If you're feeling super techy, you can create a Snapchat geofilter with your hashtag attached or use a wedding hashtag wall that displays a live feed of any photo taken with your #WeddingHashtag on the big day.

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