Drink This Now: 41 Warm Cocktails to Help You Survive Winter Woes

Stay indoors and fight the chills with these tasty and warm cocktails.

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As much as we try to avoid the (very) cold, hard truth, winter is fast approaching. Although I love winter and the excitement it brings, frigid temperatures tend to leave me walled in, wearing five layers and huddled next to a space heater. But to Jack Frost I say two can play this game, so I'm equipping you with delicious and warm libations to take on whatever he throws your way this winter.

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate Covered Cherry

You will be surprised at how much this cold weather cocktail tastes like your favorite chocolate covered cherries. Pour a hot cup to chase away the chill.


Peppermint Patty Cocktail With Chocolate and Candy Garnishes

Peppermint Patty Cocktail Recipe

This warm cocktail pairs the coolness of mint with the warmth of steamy hot cocoa. Topped with crushed mints and whipped cream, it is sure to please on even the chilliest winter night.

Batten down the hatches, the end is nigh! The weatherman just confirmed the blizzard to end all blizzards is headed your way. You may think you're going down, but at least go down fighting with a boozy peppermint patty hot cocoa in your hand.

Extended Family

Coconut Cream Pie Cocktail on Blue Serving Tray

Coconut Cream Pie Warm Cocktail

Nothing's better than the taste of coconut cream pie in a warm cocktail. Plenty of coconut flavor is blended here with cream and topped toasted coconut and graham cracker for a warm, tropical treat.

It's Christmas Vacation — only real life. You open your front door to find your own version of Cousin Eddie and his dilapidated RV parked in your driveway. "This is a surprise, Clark. This is just a real nice surprise." Have no fear, a coconut cream pie cocktail is here. This is when the cocktail portion of this survival guide becomes particularly relevant.

False Start

You were going to be productive and go Christmas shopping, but then your car's push start failed. Let's be honest, it's no longer worth the effort. Go ahead and pat your back, you gave it all you've got. It's now time to sip a hot ginger toddy. Never forget, it's the thought that counts.

Make This: Hot Ginger Toddy

Mailbox Marathon

You're faced with the arduous task of getting the mail. The seemingly endless 30 feet to the mailbox feels more like 30 miles. Congratulations, you deserve a medal or a warm apple pie cocktail. Enjoy sweet, sweet victory.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

You're gearing up for the holidays and you hear the popular winter anthem "Baby It’s Cold Outside." You tell the rather pushy Johnny Mercer that he does indeed have a point and that's all the justification you need to sip a chai yai yai.

Make This: Chai Yai Yai

Bills, Bills, Bills

Winter Cocktails

Winter Dinner Party with Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a centuries-old delight that is a festive alternative to wine by the glass for a winter dinner party or celebration. Infuse Cabernet Sauvignon with sugar, cloves and cinnamon sticks, then top it off with port and brandy.

You're trying to save money on your electricity bill. Avoid dialing up the heat and sip on traditional mulled wine for a win-win situation. Although your house might feel like Antarctica, you can revel in knowing about all of those precious dollars you're saving and take a moment to look at the glass half full. Or just go ahead and top it off.

Need more reasons to sip winter cocktails? Look no further.

Next Up

Mulled Pear Punch

This big batch brandy and prosecco cocktail will quickly become a winter favorite with its bright fruit notes and aromatic flavors. 

Rose and Mint Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Dried rosebuds, fresh mint, lime and champagne combine to make this beautiful and delicious beverage for a festive occasion.

Warm Apple Pie Cocktail

Like your apple pie warm? This great holiday cocktail uses Tuaca, a delicious Italian liqueur made with citrus peels, spice and vanilla.

Hot Buttered Rum

Gather your friends around the fireplace for this truly traditional winter favorite cocktail.

Hot Peppermint Rod

This peppermint-infused cocktail will warm you up, thanks to hot water and a healthy helping of vodka.

Warm Up With a Maple Nut Goodie Cocktail

The slight nuttiness and robust coffee flavor of this warm and creamy cocktail make it perfect for sipping while cozying up by the fire.

Boozy Peppermint Patty Hot Cocoa

This warm cocktail pairs the chill of peppermint with the warmth of steamy hot cocoa. Topped with crushed peppermints and whipped cream, it's sure to please.

Boozy S'Mores Cocktail

Fall means s’mores. This s’mores cocktail has all the goodness of the campfire classic with a soul-warming boozy kick. Toased marshmallows add a tasty finishing touch. 

Hot Buttered Bourbon Cocktail

For a comforting and yummy twist on classic hot buttered rum, try this bourbon cocktail to keep you warm all winter. It’s a cozy drink that's perfect for chilly winter nights.

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