Throw the Ultimate Kids' Party to Kick Off Summer Vacay

Let the good times roll, kiddos.

Well, friends, it’s that time of year again. The kids have crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s, school is out and a summer brimming with new adventures is here. It’s time to show those hard-working kiddos just how proud you are of them by inviting all of their besties over for a summer kickoff bash. Cool parents, where you at?

Think Theme

Summer Party Tips

Summer Party Tips

Make this summer one they’ll never forget by throwing the best kid party EVER. Here’s how to keep everyone super cool and totally entertained!

Would your kids fancy a crafting camp out, an outdoor movie night or a water war extravaganza on a sunny afternoon? Ask yourself what kind of party you would have liked to attend at that age. Pro Tip: When in doubt, just add water. Water balloons, sprinklers, whatever — water will always wow the crowd.

Deck Out Your Deck

Summer Party Tips

Summer Party Tips

BUBBLE STATION Everyone loves bubbles so make sure you’ve got plenty of suds, bowls and wands to go around.

Once you've got your theme tied down, it's time to move on to the real fun — decorating! Go ahead and stock up on bright and colorful decorations for the backyard. For that curated and custom look, check out our go-to online party supply shops. You'll find custom balloons, banners and pretty paper plates aplenty!

Get Inspired

3 Outdoor Parties to Plan RN

Nothing beats celebrating in the sunshine!

10 Theme Parties to Throw This Summer

Who needs a reason to throw a party?!

Stay Safe

Party Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Party Hacks Every Parent Should Know

SITUATION STATION Little messes and boo-boos are bound to happen during a party so be prepared with a “situation station”. Keep yours stocked with sanitizer, band-aids, ointment, sunscreen, and baby wipes.

Stock up on sun-safety measures, such as sunscreen and bug spray so kids (and adults) can stay safe and play all day. For extra protection, DIY our mosquito-repelling cord bracelets and pass them out to everyone upon arrival.

Shoo, 'Squitos!

Make All-Natural Mosquito-Repelling Bracelets

Help keep bugs at bay with these colorful and all-natural citronella-infused bracelets.

Get the DIY
Popsicle Invitations

Luxury Camping Party Invitations

Get friends in the mood for an outdoorsy, luxury camping party with homemade invitations shaped like popsicles.

Spread the Word

What better way to do just that than with some cute printable invites? This popsicle printable embodies summer fun and sets the tone for a fun-filled afternoon to come. Hosting your own glamping party? Perfect! Download our popsicle printable for free.

Prepare Healthy Pickings

Hummus and Veggie Flowers

Healthy Snack for Kids: Hummus and Veggie Flowers

April showers bring May hummus and crudité flowers. Use individual containers of hummus or spoon hummus into a small prep bowl to serve as the center of the flower. Slice an English cucumber on the diagonal (these are seedless and have thin, edible skin) and top each piece with a bell pepper strip. Make the stem with a celery stalk and leaf and “plant” the flower into a bed of whole-wheat crackers.

Photo by: Jacob Blount; Styling By: Callie Blount

Jacob Blount; Styling By: Callie Blount

Whether you’re hosting a wet ‘n’ wild splash party or a craft-a-thon, snacks are a must. Keep your pint-sized party peeps energized all afternoon with a healthy spread of fresh fruits, veggies and dips to match. Pro Tip: Ask parents to pencil in their child's food allergies on the RSVP. This will allow you to create a menu that all your guests can enjoy without a cameo appearance of an allergy pen.

Sips 4 Summer

Party Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Party Hacks Every Parent Should Know

BABY POOL COOLER Keep drinks ice cold and easy to access by filling up a baby pool with ice and the kids’ favorite bevvies.

Hydration is key to any successful soiree, especially in the hot, summer temperatures. For an unexpected and, dare I say, cool drink station, take note from one of our many parent party hacks. Toss some H2O, seltzer and fresh juice into a baby pool and load up with lots of ice. Not only is this hack creative and fun, but drinks are easily accessible for kiddos and hosts are able to keep track of drinks and restock ice and refreshments as needed.

Organized Entertainment



Get bendy with noodles to create a custom course that gets kids moving and giggling! Just stake pencils or dowels into the ground and slide the noodle over them in various ways to create all types of fun obstacles!

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Keep the momentum going with one-of-a-kind lawn games and crafting activities. My favorite way to continue those field-day vibes into the summer? Our DIY (and low-cost) pool noodle games! Would it be acceptable for adults to crawl through a noodle obstacle course or...?

Noodle Know-How

Delish Desserts

Coconut Snow Cones With Fruit Topping

DIY Coconut Snow Cones

Make your own snow cones at home! Blend up ice cubes to make DIY shaved ice, then top with coconut-lime syrup and your favorite fruits.

Photo by: Andrew McGary ©© 2015 HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Andrew McGary, © 2015 HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Why wait on an ice-cream truck to roll by when you can whip up our kid-approved frozen treats? Take advantage of all the fresh fruit to create a dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth while still being healthy. My suggestion? Rainbow fruit and veggie pops. They're easy to make, jam-packed with fruit and vegetable juices and so, so tasty.

Beat the Heat

Fuse Bead Drink Covers / Coasters

Fuse Bead Drink Covers / Coasters

Arrange beads on either a circular pegboard, using any pattern of your choice. Cover your pattern with a sheet of wax paper and iron the first side, then remove from the peg board, flip over, put waxed paper on top and iron the second side.

Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

Fun Favors

Create crafty, kid-friendly keepsakes to send home after a fun-filled day. These festive, fruity DIY bead drink covers and coasters are easy to make and will get mileage during the toasty months to come.

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