12 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes That Aren't Pie

Put on your stretchy pants, and let’s get to business.

If there is one thing I am consistently thankful for, it’s pie. Strawberry, chocolate, pumpkin, chess. I don’t care. I can’t think of a single pie I’m not into. But guys? This Thanksgiving, let’s consider giving pie a well-deserved break and branching out on the dessert scale for something a bit unexpected but still completely decadent and delicious. After all, there’s a whole world of dessert out there just waiting to be gobbled up this Thanksgiving. And personally, I’m very willing to give each and every one a chance.

Pumpkin Tiramisu Layer Cake

Layer cake slice on plate

Pumpkin Tiramisu Layer Cake

Amaretti cookies give this moist pumpkin spike layered cake the crunch it needs. For extra sweetness, drizzle syrup on the cookies. Get the recipe.

Instead of pumpkin pie, give this stunning layered cake a try. Each layer of spice cake is topped with creamy mascarpone and amaretti cookies. Your guests won’t know what hit ‘em.

Pumpkin Mousse and Ginger Parfaits

Pumpkin Mousse and Ginger Parfaits

Pumpkin Mousse and Ginger Parfaits

Andrea Bearce of Bake Sale Austin shares this recipe that features layers of creamy pumpkin mousse, crunchy graham-cracker streusel and dense maple-ginger cake — a combination that's sure to become a favorite fall dessert and new Thanksgiving tradition. Get the recipe: http://www.hgtv.com/entertaining/pumpkin-mousse-and-ginger-parfaits/index.html

Though these gorgeous parfaits look extremely impressive, they’re actually fairly easy to make. And guests will feel extra special to have their very own dessert ready and waiting after dinner.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Tiramisu

Tiramisu with espresso

Pumpkin Cheesecake Tiramisu

Classic tiramisu is given a twist with an all-time fall favorite, pumpkin. A touch of espresso makes this dessert the perfect pairing with a cup of joe. Get the recipe.

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite dessert is, I usually say tiramisu or cheesecake. This wickedly-tasty dessert is the best of both worlds, and I think I’m in love.

Cranberry Pecan Tart

Cranberry Pecan Tart

Cranberry Pecan Tart

Photo by: photo by Sam Henderson

photo by Sam Henderson

It may look similar to a pie, but this is a tart. Tarts aren’t pies, so this totally counts. Plus, this variation on the classic pecan pie is so tasty, we’re pretty sure it’ll only take one bite before you realize you’ve never had anything quite like it.

Pomegranate Blood Orange Tiramisu

Colorful tiramisu with blood orange

Pomegranate-Blood Orange Tiramisu

Blood orange is in season, so this is the time to add it in a delectable dessert. This recipe combines pomegranate, blood orange and mascarpone cheese for a delicious combination that will have you coming back for seconds. Get the recipe.

Sweet, tart and total eye candy, this fruity take on the classic tiramisu will make your mouth water. Sprinkle the top with orange zest, and you have yourself a zingy dessert like no other.

Tasty Pecan Tassies

Small Pecan Pies on Silver Cake Stand

Pecan Tassies

Like mini pecan pies, these tart-like cookies have a shortbread crust and a maple-pecan filling. Get the recipe.

If you have guests staying at your house this Thanksgiving, I would recommend this simple dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drizzle day-old tassies with a little extra maple syrup and heat for a few seconds for the ultimate sweet sensation.

Pumpkin Fudge Recipe

Pumpkin Fudge.jpg

Creamy Pumpkin Fudge

Enjoy the taste of autumn with sweet and creamy pumpkin fudge.

This creamy pumpkin fudge is just as good as its chocolate counterpart, and guests will love its sweet and spicy taste. Just be sure to prepare it at least two hours in advance so your fudge will have adequate time to rest before being served.

Make It: Pumpkin Fudge

Baklava With Nutella Glaze

Baklava With Nutella Glaze

Baklava Drizzled With Nutella Glaze

This flaky, nutty, layered dessert recipe is easier to make than you might think. Add the Nutella glaze for a chocolatey twist.

It may not be your traditional Thanksgiving offering, but after one taste of the chocolatey-hazelnut glaze, friends and family will demand it every year.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brûlée With Fruit

Creme Brûlée With Fruit

Top creamy custard with a layer of browned sugar for a decadent dessert that's sure to impress your guests. Get the recipe: http://www.hgtv.com/entertaining/creme-brulee-recipe/index.html

Photo by: Branislav Senic

Branislav Senic

For a lighter note at the end of a very heavy meal, try this sweet vanilla creme brulee topped with the fruit of your choice. Once you buy the cooking torch, the rest is easy peasy.

Make It: Creme Brulee

Carrot Cake Cookies

Carrot Cake Cookies on Cooling Rack

Carrot Cake Cookies

Dense, moist carrot cake is delicious but it can be a bit too heavy after a big meal. These equally delicious cream cheese icing-topped cookies are just the right size when you only have room left for a few bites of dessert. Get the recipe

Made with real carrots, these delightfully-soft cookies pair perfectly with rich cream cheese icing. Sprinkle with finely-chopped nuts for the perfect crunch.

Apple Stack Cake

Apple Stack Cake.jpg

Stiff dough and sweet apple filling tower ever-higher when building an apple stack cake.

Stiff dough and sweet apple filling tower ever-higher when building an apple stack cake.

Layers of sweet apple filling with an even sweeter origin story, apple stack cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser. But one word of advice, this cake is best when it has had a day or two to soak up all the spiced apple goodness. So it’s best to plan ahead.

Make It: Apple Stack Cake

Turkey Cupcakes

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake

Turkey Cupcake

Seriously, how cute is this little turkey — don't you just wanna gobble him up? Yeah, me too, and so will your littlest Thanksgiving guests. Bake cupcakes the day before and have icing and small bowls of candy prepped so kids can start decorating their cupcakes as soon as the festivities begin. Get step-by-step instructions.

Not so much a dessert recipe as an adorable and edible craft, this cute turkey cupcake is the perfect way to keep kids entertained after dinner. Simply set them up with a cupcake topped with white icing and all the materials needed to design their own turkey.

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