10 Cocktails to Sip While Watching the Summer Games

Sit back, turn on the Summer Games and sip on one of these internationally-inspired cocktails.

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The Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro are kicking off tonight, and it's a great excuse to gather around the TV with your best pals while eating and drinking. It's not every day that countries from across the globe come together to experience each other's cultures. To celebrate, we share internationally-inspired cocktails from the 10 countries expected to win the most gold medals based on predictions by Gracenote, a sports analytics company.

10: Brazil / Caipirinha Cocktail



Ingrid Hoffman's Caipirinha

Photo by: Ingrid Hoffman

Ingrid Hoffman

Brazil's national cocktail is simple to make with only a few ingredients including Cachaca or substitute with white rum.

9: Korea / Cardamom Berry Smash

Cardamom Blackberry Smash

Cardamom Blackberry Smash

South Korea produces a lot of black raspberries, and even though our cardamom berry smash is made with blackberries, you can easily switch it out for raspberries.

8: France / Mimosa

Champagne cocktail with pomegranate juice

Pomegranate Mimosa

Sweeten your holiday brunch with a refreshing mimosa made from pomegranate juice and a lemon twist.

The mimosa was first invented in 1925 by a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. The best part about this cocktail is you can make it with any fruit juice you desire.

7: Japan / Matcha Green Tea Gimlet

Wedding Cocktail

Matcha Green Tea Gimlet Wedding Cocktail

The grassy notes of the matcha balance perfectly with the flowery botanicals of the London dry gin in this very "green" cocktail. The beautiful, deep green hue is an elegant touch to a wedding celebration.

The grassy notes of this Japanese-style tea complement the flowery notes of dry gin. If you like a combination of a little tartness and sweetness, this cocktail is for you.

6: Russia / Moscow Mule

Cold Moscow Mule With Lime Wedge

Cold Moscow Mules - Ginger Beer, lime and Vodka

This cold Moscow mule cocktail features vodka, ginger ale and lime.

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Kesu01


Bring out your copper mug to make this classic Russian (and American!) favorite.

Make It: Moscow Mule

5: Australia / Mojito

Mojito Cocktail with Mint Sprig

Mojito Cocktail with Mint Sprig

Make a mojito even more refreshing by adding a mint spring to the rum drink served over ice.

Although it originated in Cuba, you'll find the mojito in every bar in Australia.

Make It: Classic Mojito

4: Germany / Coffee Stout

Germans love their coffee and stout. This cocktail combines both.

3: Great Britain / Pimm's Cup

Pimm's Cup

Pimm's Cup

Cooking Channel Pimm's Cup

Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

The Pimm's Cup cocktail is often consumed during tennis matches, but this summertime favorite is delicious all season long.

2: China / Iced Ginger Green Tea



Healthy Iced Matcha Tea with lime, ginger and mint with matcha powder on side. Macro, selective focus

Photo by: SStajic


Tea is a staple drink in China, and they're also a huge producer of ginger root. This cocktail brings the two together to make a refreshing summer cocktail.

1: United States / Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

Combining several types of liquor — vodka, rum, tequila, gin and triple sec — the Long Island Iced Tea is known to have been invented in the '20s during the Prohibition era.

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