10 Pan-Inspired Kids' Rooms We All Wish We Had

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Let's be honest, who doesn't wish they could take a trip to Neverland? I'll admit, I'm still waiting for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to whisk me away, but I think I may have already missed the boat, or flight rather. But with Pan hitting theaters tomorrow, my dreams can sort of come true. If you're like me, it's fun to pretend, so I did some nostalgic digging and put together a few of my favorite kids' rooms that are imaginative and creative.

Royal Digs



The quest for your very own royal castle ends here, my liege. This fantasy fortress comes equipped with a suit of armor, castle walls, a private bed chamber and most importantly, an indoor slide for a future king or queen. Moat and drawbridge not included.

100-Acre Wood

Birch Forest Inspired Kids Room

Birch Forest Inspired Kids Room

"We wanted something that would be fun for the kids and spark their imagination," said interior designer Carrie Maniaci about this birch forest bedroom. Custom murals and materials make this room come alive while the custom built bunk bed really sets this space apart.

Photo by: r.guarnieri


Kids love the outdoors, so why not bring the outdoors inside? Hang suspended in the trees in this true-to-life birch forest bedroom fit for any naturalist. The best thing about it? No insects or really hungry bears.

Out of This World



Talk about spaced out. Not only do bright colors, themed bedspread and a hanging three-dimensional solar system keep this Lilo and Stitch-inspired bedroom in orbit, but the stars are outlined in glow-in-the-dark paint so the room stays alive even after the lights are turned out.

Monkey Business

Kid's Bedroom With Bunk Bed and Tropical Wall Mural

Jungle-Themed Treehouse Bed

HGTV fan 8666045 turned this corner of a suburban kid's room into a tropical getaway with a custom-built treehouse complete with a slide, ladder and comfy cabana for naptime.

When you're an adult you're lucky to enjoy a tropical escape every once in a while, but what if it could be every day? A custom-built treehouse complete with a slide, ladder and comfy cabana for naptime combine to make an adorable and fun-filled oasis for any little Tarzan or Jane.

Set the Stage



The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey are sure to be jealous of this circus-themed playroom that serves triple duty as a home theater, performance stage and recreation room. Pass the cotton candy, please.

Kids' Themed Bedrooms

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Jet Set

Kid's Bedroom With Airplane-Shaped Bed, Map Mural and Tray Ceiling

Dreamy Kid's Travel-Themed Bedroom With Airplane-Shaped Bed

For the kid who loves planes, an aviation-inspired bedroom is the dream. A retro biplane bed sits in the center of the room surrounded by floor-to-ceiling maps, painted clouds on a tray ceiling and a compass-shaped ceiling medallion.

Up, up and away! For those of us who wish we could fly, it's now possible to bring that fantasy to life with this custom airplane bed. A ceiling covered in clouds, suitcase storage and a world map mural prepares kids for any adventure they might dream up.

The Giving Tree

Kids' Contemporary Playroom with Custom Wall Mural

Kids' Contemporary Playroom with Custom Wall Mural

This whimsical playroom inspires creativity, learning, and playtime fun with a colorful wall mural, multiple work areas for drawing and crafting, a slide, and hanging chair. Creative storage makes organization and access to toys easy for both parent and kid.

Photo by: Juan Manuel Rodriguez and Jose David Jimenez

Juan Manuel Rodriguez and Jose David Jimenez

Walk into a whimsical woodland that provides hours of entertainment and endless inspiration. From arts and crafts tables to a slide and suspended swinging seat, this kids' space takes the typical playroom to the next level and encourages playfulness and creativity.

Something Fishy



Ashton is a huge Nemo fan and the design for the wall mural was inspired by the design of the exterior building at the Art of Animation Resort, the newest resort on Disney property. Scheduled to open starting in May, The Art of Animation Resort has themed rooms that give their guests Òa place to stay in the middle of a Disney story with all your characters." Inspired by ÒTurtle Talk with CrushÓ at EpcotÕs Living Seas, AshtonÕs Turtle Bed is an amazing place for our Òlittle dudeÓ to hang out. It is be the centerpiece and part of the 2nd layer of the Òliving animationÓ in AshtonÕs Room. This bed is a one of a kind, safe comfy place for Ashton to find some alone time after a busy day as a Òbig brother.Ó Also in AshtonÕs room, which is based on Nemo Suite at Art of Animation Resort, is a fold down Òtable bed.Ó When folded up itÕs a unique Surfboard desk, when folded down itÕs an extra bed so Ashton can have friends or siblings spend the night. The bed was attached to the wall and then the surfboard, made from 1/8Ó thick Sintra, a durable foam board that is dirt and scratch resistant, was attached to the top.

Photo by: Scott Miller

Scott Miller

This Finding Nemo-inspired bedroom is totally righteous! Who wouldn't want to cuddle up with Crush every night and wake up to the friendly faces of Dory and Nemo every morning?

Queen of the Castle



For the Òfeisty fairy,Ó Emma, little perch in her own fairy tree, where she can look out at the castle watch for Tinkerbell to fly down just like she did at the Magic Kingdom. This loft bed is designed to look like a tree Ð there are 4 eucalyptus posts, and a base that will hold a twin mattress surrounded by a bed rail of Òbranches.Ó The posts and base is dressed with Willow look branches with two arched Òbranch bowersÓ on either side of the base. The leaves in the nest of the loft bed are tied into the wall mural, giving the illusion that the bed is part of a bigger tree. The other side of the room features A Royal ÒGildedÓ throne bed for Princess HannahÕs castle the bed was inspired by the ÔTianaÕ suite at Port Orleans Royal suites Attached to wall, it appears that Hannah is looking out from inside her castle bedroom, toward another castle in the distance.

Photo by: Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Forget catering to evil step-sisters and sweeping the chimney, this Cinderella has it made in this sweet little bedroom with its castle-inspired details and enchanted forest color palette.

Under the Sea

Ocean-Themed Entertainment Room and Playspace

Blue Contemporary Media Room and Playspace

A no-holds-barred approach to decorating results in a whimsical undersea adventure in this media room and playspace. Shell-shaped theater seats and a treasure chest-turned-entertainment console create a focal point on one wall, while colorful murals and built-in seating are presented on the adjacent wall.

Photo by: Alan Goldstein ©2009 Alan Goldstein Photography

Alan Goldstein, 2009 Alan Goldstein Photography

Dive into a deep-sea adventure in this ocean-inspired media playroom that would definitely be Ariel-approved. From the shell-shaped chairs to elaborate wall mural, this room caters to a kids' dream of living beneath the waves.

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