10 Ways to Bring Your Love of Harry Potter Home

Head back to Hogwarts in style with these creative decorating ideas.

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With the recent release of a brand-new Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child", Pottermania is once again in full effect. Whether you’ve had a chance to read it yet, you might be thinking of ways you can incorporate your love for the series into your bedroom's decor.

I've got some fun ideas that allow you to declare your love for Harry without a hint of cheesiness.

Platform 9 3/4 Poster

Photo by: Etsy


Fans of the series will immediately recognize this poster as an homage to the track where you need to catch the train to Hogwarts. Those not in the know will just think it’s a cool piece of typography. You can choose a size that works for your space, as well as a color palette that matches your favorite house at Hogwarts.

Product Pick: Platform 9 3/4 Typography Print, Etsy, $5.99+

Diagon Alley Map

Photo by: Etsy


This fun map of Diagon Alley is beautifully illustrated on a piece of canvas. You can choose what size you’d like for your room, and use it both as a piece of art and as a reference when you re-read the novels.

Product Pick: Diagon Alley Canvas Map, Etsy, $24+

House Hues Bedding

Photo by: Macy's


Another great undercover Harry Potter design trick is to choose solid bedding in your favorite house colors: Gryffindor (scarlet and gold), Hufflepuff (yellow and black), Ravenclaw (blue and bronze) or Slytherin (emerald green and silver). You can choose sheets in one house color and a blanket or duvet in the other. Or choose your sheets/duvet in the same house color and your pillowcases in the secondary house color.

Product Pick: Tommy Hilfiger Solid Sheet Sets, Macy's, $29.99+

Invisible Bookshelf

Photo by: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Embrace your love of magic with these invisible bookshelves. You can display your Harry Potter books and make them look as if they're floating on your walls.

Product Pick: Invisible Bookshelf, Urban Outfitters, 2 for $26

Eyeglass Organizer

Photo by: Amazon


Harry is most well known for his round eyeglasses. If you happen to wear eyeglasses as well, don’t be afraid to show them off with a fun eyeglass organizer. Display this on your dresser, and make it part of your room’s decor.

Product Pick: Stackable Eyeglass Organizer, Amazon, $17.99

Glasses Pillow Cover

Photo by: Etsy


Speaking of Harry’s eyeglasses, this pillow cover is the perfect fan-girl or guy solution to giving a shoutout to your favorite wizard. Add one or two of these on your bed or even on a bench at the end of your bed.

Product Pick: Glasses Pillow Cover, Etsy, $16.95

Deathly Hallows Mirror

Photo by: Etsy


This mirror contains the three symbols of the Deathly Hallows: the elder wand, the resurrection stone and the cloak of invisibility. This is another chic, undercover homage to the Harry Potter series. And for those in the know, it will be an immediate nod and wink to the "master of death."

Product Pick: Geometric Wall Mirror, Etsy, $68

Restricted Section Candle

Photo by: Etsy


This candle incorporates scents of "leather, parchment, dust and black magic." What does black magic smell like? I’m not exactly sure…but I’d love to find out.

Product Pick: Restricted Section Candle, Etsy, $14.50

Wall Keys

Photo by: Home Decorators Collection

Home Decorators Collection

In the series, the winged keys were enchanted with a flying charm to guard the Philosopher’s stone. These large wall keys certainly can’t fly, but they're the perfect pieces to honor the original sentiment from the book.

Product Pick: Wooden Wall Keys, Home Decorators Collection, 3 for $68

Longeared Owls

Photo by: Grandin Road

Grandin Road

Owls are the magical birds that all of the characters rely on to deliver important messages to one another. They're fast and smart, often tracking down their recipient without an address. These adorable owls may bring to mind Hedwig, Harry’s owl, or Pigwidgeon, Ron Weasley’s owl.

Product Pick: Small Longeared Owls, Grandin Road, 2 for $19

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