4 Houses Where Rory Gilmore Should Be Living Now

We've chosen 4 spots the post-college, fresh-episode "Gilmore Girl" is sure to love. Copper boom.

When the news about plans for a new season of "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix started circulating this week, my Facebook feed became populated with comments that can be summed up like this: “!!!” 



CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images



CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

As a reminder: "Gilmore Girls" ran for seven quick-talking, pop-culture-referencing, girl-power seasons, but the last season and the series finale in 2007 were kind of a bummer. Thankfully, word on the street says that the original writers will pen the new Netflix season 8, so true fans can get the GG-shaped holes in our hearts filled once again. The season is rumored to catch up with the characters now, which makes Rory roughly 30 years old.  

To channel our excitement about this news, some of our blog staffers did what we do best at HGTV — we house hunted for the cast, and for Rory in particular. (Because, really, we can’t imagine Lorelai living anywhere but her original abode in Stars Hollow.)

Here are our top picks and predictions for where and how Rory is living now. You'll notice some common themes, including Stars Hollow, newspapers and Jess. (Despite our boss, Jillian, being decidedly anti, the other super fans among us clearly have a thing for sensitive bad boys with potential.)

Chelsea's Pick: Charming Victorian in Stars Hollow

Red, White and Blue Victorian-Style Home

Red, White and Blue Victorian-Style Home

This home was professionally painted using BEHR Victorian exterior paints, featuring the following colors: Skipper, Divine Pleasure and Burnished Mahogany.

Photo by: BEHR


"Although I understand why the series ended with Rory dumping Logan and jet-setting off to be a fabulous hard-hitting reporter (no woman needs a man, I get it), I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. So, for my own selfish reasons, I imagine Rory spends a few years sowing her wild oats all around the world, breaking hearts and taking names, then finds her way back to Stars Hollow when her grandfather becomes fatally ill. She realizes then that she’s been away long enough and she could be just as fabulous and interesting in Stars Hollow as she could be anywhere else in the world. So after her grandfather passes, she uses her inheritance money to buy a charming Victorian-style house a few miles away from town square, turning the main floor into a small publishing company/newspaper and using the upper floors as living space. The next year, she runs into newly-single Jess at an annual publishing conference in NYC and they rekindle their old flame. A few years pass and Jess moves in with Rory, helping her run the publishing business so she can focus on being Editor-in-Chief of her newspaper (which is now Stars Hollow’s premier paper) and they live happily ever after. 

If you can’t tell, I’ve thought about this a little too much."

Keri's Pick: Bright Loft in New York City

Sitting Room With Glass Sliding Doors and Muted Orange Leather Couch

Gray Contemporary Living Room With Orange Leather Sofa

When Erin first moved into her loft, it was packed with clunky furniture and had orange walls that made the space feel busy. In order to make the space open, airy and serene, she came up with clever storage solutions that keep everything well organized and clutter free.

"Remember that day when Rory skipped class, left boring Dean behind and took a bus to New York City to see Jess? That episode was perfection. So where is Rory now? After long thought and careful consideration (This is serious business after all!), I’ve decided that Rory is living in a gorgeous loft in NYC. She finally got her dream job at the New York Times, and she’s totally killing it. Her loft is bright and organized with just the right amount of Gilmore flair. New York is the perfect choice as it allows Rory to focus on her career within reasonable distance to Lorelai and Stars Hollow. And we all know that’s very important. Side note: This apartment is also ideal as there is tons of natural lighting and ample space for Jess to write and draw inspiration from the city. You heard me: #TeamJessForever."

Wood Carton Magazine Holders

Wood Carton Magazine Holders

Says Keri for Rory: "Just replace all these magazines with books."

Says Keri for Rory: "Just replace all these magazines with books."

Tour This: Small, Hip Loft

Kelly's Pick: Historic Carriage House in Boston

Red Brick Home Exterior With French Door Entrance

Duplex Home with Red Brick Exterior and French Door Entrance

This beautiful one bedroom condo features a red brick duplex-style exterior with a tall French door entrance. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the condo's interior rooms make the most of the small space, by relying on multi-purpose rooms –– like the eat-in kitchen –– and floor-to-ceiling storage options.

Photo by: Robert Paul Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Robert Paul Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

"While Rory will return to Stars Hollow someday soon, she’s still finding herself professionally. Being on the road with the Obama campaign [the last season ended just before the 2008 election] helped her fall in love with making a difference, not just with journalism, so she moved to D.C. after college. But after spending her 20s there, she's disillusioned with journalism and has realized her true love is academia. Yale was great and all, but Rory's real dream (before her loving but nosy grandparents got involved) was Harvard. So she heads to Boston, where's she's gotten a scholarship to Harvard (studying English, Journalism or Library Science, I haven't decided) for grad school and is moving into this charming historic brick townhouse. She’ll need her mom’s help gussying up the boring interior, but that’s no problem for Lorelai. Bring on the paint.

Also bring on a more mature and less mad-at-the-world Jess, because he just moved to Boston to open a franchise of the bookstore-slash-publishing-house that he developed into such a success in Philadelphia. They'll love hanging out on this slightly shabby (but deceptively expensive) urban patio."  

Shared Deck With Brown Wicker Outdoor Sofa and Neutral Umbrella

Spacious Shared Deck With Brown Wicker Outdoor Sofa

Two homeowners share this gorgeous deck area, complete with a brown wicker sofa and neutral outdoor cushions. An umbrella offers a bit of shade, while a decorative wrought iron railing lines the perimeter of the space. The surrounding city views provide the ideal urban backdrop.

Photo by: Robert Paul Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Robert Paul Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Tour This: Boston Tiny House

Marianne's Pick: Cozy Cottage Near Stars Hollow

Yellow Home With Gray Chimney, White Pergola, Blue Front Door

Yellow Cottage Home With Blue Front Door

The cohesive gray and yellow color palette trimmed in white adds charm to this cottage home. The blue front door, side window boxes and flower gardens make for an inviting entryway.

From: Curb Appeal

"After spending her time post college on the road, working as a campaign journalist etc, Rory hears news her beloved grandfather has passed away. This comes on the heels of a big breakup, leaving her feeling lost, and it just so happens the Stars Hollow Gazette needs a new EIC. So she moves home, into a perfectly cozy little cottage close, but not too close, to her mom. 


Though I was Team Logan (hush), I think Jess was her OTP." 

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