21 Signs You're Addicted to Design Trends

Urban vintage boho, coastal midcentury modern farmhouse — if you know what any of this means, you're probably hopelessly addicted to design trends.

1: Your Pinterest boards are way more organized than your closets.

White Modern Closet

White, Modern Closet with Custom Storage

Clothing in this modern, custom walk-in closet is organized by color for an added design punch. Built-in storage throughout the space organizes shoes, jewelry, hats, accessories and more. A center island offers additional convenience and storage.

Photo by: Rebecca Sanabria Photography

Rebecca Sanabria Photography

2: What's your favorite white paint color? Uhm…you have seven favorites, actually.

Woman Holding Paint Swatches

Try Samples First

No need to guess how good (or bad) a color will look on your wall. For a fraction of the cost of a gallon of paint, you can purchase sample pints, take them home, and test them out. This will help you judge how a color will look on a larger area better than a swatch can provide. It's better to spend just a few dollars on a sample than big bucks on gallons only to find out the color won't work.

Photo by: Jupiterimages


3: You drive an SUV because you need something big enough to haul all the stuff you buy at the flea market every weekend.

The hybrid SUV's electric motor can be charged in the garage

Clever Charging Station

The hybrid SUV's electric motor can conveniently be charged in the garage, and allows many drivers to commute to work on electricity without using gasoline.

Photo by: John Bazay

John Bazay

4: Re-styling your coffee table is your idea of a hot Saturday night.

Living Room Coffee Table With Design Books and Decor

Living Room Coffee Table With Design Books and Decor

If you're looking to add a designer touch to your coffee table, consider adding stacks of art books. The trick to doing this effectively is to stack books at different heights and alternate between vertical and horizontal orientation.

Photo by: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Rustic White Photography, LLC

5: Your gallery wall is one of your biggest accomplishments in life. (That can go on a resume, right?)

Green Sitting Room With Gallery Wall

Green Eclectic Sitting Room With Gallery Wall

One of the most important factors in giving a room personality is the proper selection of art. This doesn’t require spending a lot on gallery works, but rather a keen eye. This gallery grouping was made by searching local flea markets and vintage stores for a mix of colorful and neutral pieces ranging in shape, size and subject matter. After spacing them out on the floor, the collection was hung on the wall with a consistent amount of space left between each piece.

Photo by: Sarah Dorio & Rustic White

Sarah Dorio & Rustic White

6: You need lots of extra storage in your home...mostly for all of the design magazines that you refuse to throw out.

Magazine Files for Home Office Organization

Magazine Files for Home Office Organization

Keep your office organized by creating a magazine file for catalogs you want to keep for later reference, and another for incoming new magazines. It keeps the magazine clutter out of the rest of the house, and if it’s in the file, you know you haven’t read it yet.

Photo by: Melissa George, Polished Habitat

Melissa George, Polished Habitat

7: You've never taken a selfie, but you take lots of "shelfies."

Stained Wood-Beam Mantel

Living Room Wood Mantel

The new fireplace blends into the built-ins with white paint providing a neutral palette for decor to pop, as seen on Fixer Upper. (after, interior)

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Julia Robinson/Getty Images

Julia Robinson/Getty Images

8: You don't have kids, but you consider all your plants to be your "babies."

Image Transfer for Succulent Pots

How to Make Succulent Planters With Instagram Photos

This fun packing tape image transfer method is perfect for adding your Instagram photos to little flower pots! Take a laser-printed Instagram photo and firmly cover it with packing tape, leaving a tape border around the edges of the image. Submerge the tape in water for a few minutes. Using your fingertips, gently roll the wet paper away from the back of the tape until it feels smooth. The ink will remain on the tape and the paper will wash away. Let dry completely. The tape will become sticky again; just stick your image to the front of your succulent pots!

Photo by: Chelsea Foy

Chelsea Foy

9: You're on a first-name basis with all the sales associates at Ikea.

Colorful Hanging Plastic Buckets Containing Tools

Hanging Buckets for Tool Storage

"These hanging buckets are meant to hold plants, but I love them for screwdrivers, pliers and everyday gear. It's like a cheery wall-mounted toolbox." — Jennifer Berno, home editor, HGTV Magazine Bygel rail and containers, $6, ikea.com

Photo by: Photography by Alison Gootee; styling by Anthony Santelli

Photography by Alison Gootee; styling by Anthony Santelli

10: You keep a measuring tape in your glove compartment. Just in case.

Woman Measuring the Wall

Do the Math

Of course, you'll need to know the total area you're going to paint (add up all the square footage of your walls, including alcoves and dormers, plus a little extra), but you'll also need to account for multiple coats, primer and the porosity of the walls. It's best to have some paint left over for repair work later on, so get more than you need.

Photo by: pojoslaw


11: You know exactly what "urban coastal boho" is and consider it your personal, copywritten design style.

Off-White Living Room with Hardwood Brown Floors

Open Living Room Features Colorful Art, Boho Chandelier

“Light and airy” is how designer Sally Carson describes this living space in a newly renovated home in Australia, which features hardwood flooring, off-white walls, a brushed-chrome ceiling fan, and off-white upholstery. “Although quite a neutral palette, pops of color are introduced in the eclectic furnishings such as the industrial style coffee table and the large artwork by indigenous Australian artist Betty Club-Mbitjana,” says Carson.

Photo by: John Downs

John Downs

12: You choose your vacation spots based on which cities have the best decor shopping.

Hotel Del Coronado from Coronado Beach

Photo by: Chiara Salvadori

Chiara Salvadori

13: You could speak for hours on the differences between semi-gloss, eggshell and gloss. There's a huge difference.



A variety of paint can samples arranged on a grid.

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/beaucroft


14: Everyone knows that if they dare change the channel while you're watching HGTV, there will be dire consequences.

Chip and Joanna Gains

Fixer Upper Hosts Chip and Joanna

Portrait of Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines in the Batson's newly renovated kitchen, as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper. (portrait)

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

Sarah Wilson / Getty Images

15: You have designer wallpaper…in your closet.

Luxurious Walk-In Closet With Pink Accents

Luxurious Walk-In Closet With Pink Accents

You would never know that this fabulous walk-in closet was created from an outdoor storage room. An exterior door and window were closed and removed to allow space for custom built-in shelving, providing ample room for clothing, shoes and jewelry. The light from the sparkling hanging fixture bounces off a shimmery petal pink ceiling, while glass shoe shelves mounted in front of pink damask wallpaper provide a beautiful focal point. The custom-designed full-length mirror and the sconces flanking it stand out in front of the horizontal striped wallpaper. Nicole Norris, ASID, NCIDQ, is responsible for the dressing room design in this North Carolina home.

Photo by: Jennifer VanAllen Fink, Timeless Memories Photography

Jennifer VanAllen Fink, Timeless Memories Photography

16: There are six unopened curtain rods in your garage right now. You never know.

Neutral Curtain on Black Curtain Rod, Dots Down Side

Photo by: Celia Barrett

Celia Barrett

17: You move your furniture around so often that people have started to compliment your biceps.

Personality Showcased in Accessories

Accessories Showcase Couple's Personality

The apartment is in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. This is me and my fiancé’s (then boyfriend) first apartment together. As a rental apartment, the space had many things we couldn’t change (ugly light fixtures, outdated finishes), so our efforts went into what we could change and how to do it in a way so we can take it all with us when we move. When we first moved in, the space looked depressing – yellow walls, tan carpeting, popcorn ceiling, and outdated ceiling light fixtures. I started by painting all the walls and laying down rugs to cover up the carpet, which made a huge difference. Neither me nor my fiancé brought much furniture with us when we moved, however, we both came with lots of artwork and accessories from our travels that we treasure, so I started with those and designed the space around them. I ended up keeping the larger furniture pieces neutral, adding colors, patterns and texture through accessories and textiles—i.e. the vintage Hmong pillows on the sofa, and the goat hair rug from Turkey in the dining area

Photo by: Morgan Blake Beatton

Morgan Blake Beatton

18: Some people doodle. You sketch out floor plans for fun.

Master Bedroom Floor Plan

Master Bedroom Floor Plan

19: Your collection of throw pillows has been referred to by some as "extreme."

Bright Throw Pillows Add a Colorful Spot to Cozy Sitting Area

Bright Throw Pillows Add a Colorful Spot to Cozy Sitting Area

Mix up your throw pillows for a colorful pile. Use bright, punchy pillow covers in a coordinating palette, says Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design. By covering pillows or inserts you already have, you can create a spot of color without buying all new pillows and breaking the bank. You can use DIY tutorials, such as how to make your own pillows out of T-shirts and how to make matching his and her throw pillows.

Photo by: Mary Costa Photography

Mary Costa Photography

20: The annual Pantone Color of the Year announcement is your personal Super Bowl.

21: You've made your linen closet into a "decor closet" instead.

Remodeled Bedroom with Antique Closet Door

Fixer Upper: Antique Closet Door in Remodeled Bedroom

As seen on Fixer Upper, antique door used for a closet door in the Reed's newly remodeled home.

From: Fixer Upper

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