10 Fire Pit Accessories to Make Summer Hang Outs Better

So you have a fire pit. Now what?

After years of dreaming and scheming, I’m proud to say that I’m now one of the lucky ones: I have an outdoor fire pit! (Cue jumping up and down and high fives all around).

Pebble Patio With Bowl-Shaped Fire Pit and Cushion Seating

Patio With Bowl Fire Pit and Cushion Seating

Cheery patterned cushions offer a cozy spot for relaxation on this patio. A large bowl fire pit adds warmth and ambiance.

One of my most fun projects, while we were still in the construction phase, was brainstorming all of the fun accessories that would make our soon-to-be outdoor fire pit truly special. Here’s a fun roundup of all of the fire pit accessories that might not already be on your radar.

Extra-Long Skewers

Marshmallows toasting for city s'mores.

Toasting marshmallows in small spaces

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

I quickly realized that marshmallow skewers are a dime a dozen, but after our first official s’mores party, I realized that regular marshmallow skewers don’t work so well. Enter extra-long marshmallow skewers. These will allow you to sit comfortably around the fire with your friends, without anyone feeling like their eyebrows are going to get cinged. And the double prongs allow you to be way more efficient by roasting two at once (that’s twice as many s’mores in half the time).

Giant Jenga



Fire pits are always way more fun when you have a small group of friends hanging out with you. I was trying to figure out the perfect small group game when I stumbled upon giant Jenga. It’s pretty much just like regular Jenga, but the blocks are larger so it’s the perfect game to play outside where you have a bit more space. Just make sure you set this up away from the actual fire so your blocks don't go up in flames.

Fire Glass

Blue Fire

Blue Fire

Gas lines and a stainless steel gas burner are hidden under a circle of blue chips known as “fire glass,” pebble-like fragments which are used to retain and direct heat in fire pits.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Hearthstone Environments, www.hsenviro.com

Image courtesy of Hearthstone Environments, www.hsenviro.com

If you have a gas fire pit, you can use fire glass or crystals to zhush up your patio. These come in a variety of colors and textures and do a great job of adding a bit of glam to your fire pit setup. You can even switch them out based on the holidays or seasons.

Campfire Popcorn Popper 

Fire pit Accessories

Fire Pit Popcorn Popper

A fun accessory for any outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a popcorn popper like this sleek model from Camp Chef which can hold a 3.5 quart capacity.

Photo by: Camp Chef

Camp Chef

I had s’mores on my radar long before our fire pit was complete, but I had no idea that you could actually make popcorn over an outdoor fire. Needless to say, I’m now completely hooked. A campfire popcorn popper allows you to easily pop up a snack for all of your guests. I like to serve the popcorn in simple paper bags and bring out some different spices and flavorings so everyone can customize their own bag.

Mexican Blankets

Porch With Colorful Built-In Bench & Dog Beds Underneath

Pet-Friendly Porch

Keeping in mind their love of kayaking and entertaining winery guests, Kim Lewis Designs fulfilled the clients' desire for an indoor/outdoor space. The porch features a place for the pooches! Built-in benches offer lounge seating, but space underneath is super valuable, so built-in dog beds were added.

Photo by: Molly Winters Photography

Molly Winters Photography

Even in a warm climate like we have in Southern California, it can get chilly at night. Since I knew we’d be spending a lot of time around our fire pit, I decided to invest in a bunch of matching Mexican blankets that we could keep on hand for guests. I got them in a few different bright colors and have enough so each guest can have their own. I store them in an outdoor shed so they're always easily accessible but are still out of the way (and safe on the off chance it rains).

Retro Cooler



Photo by: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Kimberly Finkel Davis

It’s nice to not have to run back and forth to the house when your guests need a fresh drink, so this retro cooler would be the perfect solution. If you often have large groups of friends and family over, you might consider getting a couple so anyone can easily grab a beer or soda.

Basket of Pillows 

Blankets in Basket

Basket of Blankets

As the sun goes down at the stadium, temperatures can drop drastically. Keep your guests warm and comfy with a basket filled with woven throw blankets. In addition to adding comfort, blankets offer another opportunity to work your team colors into the party.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

In addition to the blankets, I like to keep a basket of extra throw and floor pillows that people can grab when they want to get more comfy. Even though I do keep a number of pillows out on our outdoor seating area, I find that having some extra pillows goes a long way in ensuring everyone is comfy and relaxed no matter where they're sitting. Just like the blankets, I store these away when they're not in use.

An Outdoor Dog Bed 



Give your four-footed friends a fresh spot to sleep using dismantled shipping pallet lumber and a cushion.

Don’t forget about your pup when you’re planning your outdoor fire pit oasis! Consider having a waterproof dog bed on hand, so your furry friend can hang out along with everyone else. You can choose to leave it outside if your dog has free run of the yard, or store it and only take it out on the evenings or days you need it. 

Walkie Talkies

I know this one might seem strange but stay with me. Depending on how long of a walk it is from your house to your yard, you might want to consider getting some walkie talkies. These have been an invaluable tool for my husband and me so we can communicate with each other while one person is in the house and one of us is by the fire pit. We can let each other know what is needed and should be brought out if someone is at the front door.

Outdoor Movie Screen

DIY Movie Screen in Front of Sectional Patio Seating

DIY Outdoor Movie Screen

Make this DIY outdoor movie screen in less than an hour and turn your next outdoor get-together into a neighborhood movie night.

Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

Brian Patrick Flynn

This is a great investment for those of you who are fully committed to spending some quality time out in your yard. An outdoor movie screen is an awesome addition to your space if you have the room. You’ll need to figure out a way to project your movie (here are some ideas), but once you have your setup ready to go, it could be movie night every night. Setting up in front of your fire pit means you get to watch a fun flick AND stay warm.

Make It: DIY Movie Screen

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