Stop Buying Cleaning Sprays (Really!) With 3 All-Natural Swaps You Can DIY

Ditch the chemicals with these easy-to-make, all-natural versions of cleaners you use on the reg.

Love the thought of making your own household cleaners, but aren't sure where to start? Ease into the world of natural cleaning with our three super simple recipes for homemade glass cleaner, dusting spray and an all-purpose cleaning spray, plus tips on how and where to use them.

Spray #1: All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner

This fresh-smelling spray can be used on kitchen countertops, range surfaces, backsplashes, bathroom countertops, floors, the exterior of your toilet, shower walls and various other smooth surfaces. Simply spray and wipe, just as you would with a store-bought cleaner. And don't worry about the mild vinegar scent — it'll disappear once the solution dries. 

Tip: For extra-tough messes, warm the solution in the microwave until just hot, then spray and let sit for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing. Always test on a small area if you're unsure how the cleaner will react with your surfaces.

DIY All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner 01:59

Set aside orange peels to make this easy, all-natural cleaning spray.

What You'll Need

  • oranges + cinnamon sticks
  • lemons + rosemary sprigs
  • grapefruit + lavender stalks
  • glass bottle of distilled white vinegar
  • filtered water
  • spray nozzle
  • glass jar or other sealable container
  • small funnel
  • small wire mesh strainer


Choose one of the above ingredient pairings. Peel citrus, removing as much fruit as possible from the peels. Add peels to sealable glass jar until almost full. Add second ingredient in its whole form, no need to bruise or tear. Fill jar with vinegar, attach lid and let mixture sit for 2-4 weeks. Reserve empty vinegar bottle for later use.

When mixture has cured, fill empty glass vinegar bottle halfway with filtered water. Use strainer and funnel to fill bottle the rest of the way with prepared vinegar solution. Screw on spray nozzle and use as needed.

Spray #2: Glass Cleaner

Neutral Living Room With Gray Sofa

Cozy Living Room With Gray Sofa, Large Picture Window

A large picture window and comfy, gray sofa are framed by elegant drapes in this living room made over by the Rafterhouse team on HGTV.

From: Rafterhouse

This spray works so well, you'll never have to buy the blue stuff again. Use on windows, mirrors, chrome fixtures or other hard surfaces that could use a shine.

What You'll Need

  • 1 1/3 cups rubbing alcohol
  • 1 1/4 cups water
  • 3 tsp vinegar
  • spray bottle


Pour all ingredients in spray bottle. Shake well. Spray on glass and wipe with a lint-free cloth. 

Spray #3: Dusting Solution



Man cleaning table in home with cloth

Photo by: kzenon


What You'll Need

  • 2 Tbsp liquid castile soap
  • 1 1/3 cups water
  • 16 drops cinnamon essential oil
  • 4 drops clove essential oil
  • spray bottle


Add all ingredients to spray bottle and shake to combine. Shake well before each use as product settles. Spray lightly on dusty surfaces and wipe with a lint-free cloth. And, as always, test on an inconspicous area if you're unsure how your surfaces will react.

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