Faux Jabot Window Topper

A bit of sewing, some sawing and creativity make this three-piece window topper a winner!


Materials and Tools:

hook and loop tape
2 cup hooks
1x4 board


1. The topper is made out of three pieces — a flat lined panel with a soft curved bottom edge and two side modified jabots. Measure the width of the window or sliding glass door including the trim and add 3-1/2 inches to both ends for returns plus extra for seam allowances. Design the desired shape of the flat panel and cut it out (along with a matching piece of lining). Put the pieces right sides together and sew them, leaving an opening for turning. Iron the panel flat and sew the opening closed.



2. Stitch one side of the hook and loop tape to the top edge of the back of the panel. Cut the 1x4 and attach it to the wall using L-brackets. Staple the opposite side of the hook and loop tape along the edge of the board and press the flat center panel into position.

3. The other two pieces, the jabots, are lined rectangles with curved bottoms bunched together a couple of inches down from the top and secured with a double tassel tie. Install small cup hooks to the top of the 1x4 board at the corners, and then hook the tassels over them.

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