Mirrors for Every Room

Mirrors are a great design tool for any room — not just bathrooms and dressing areas. From entryways to bedrooms, these six mirrors are sure to inspire.

Mirror Images

Designer Erinn Valencich uses decorative mirrors to greet guests in this sophisticated entryway.
From: Erinn Valencich

Mirrors in Distress

Two distressed mirrors fit perfectly between large bookshelves in this dark-blue bedroom.

Three's Company

Designer Lori Dennis used three large, framed mirrors to create an interesting focal point while making this bedroom seem bigger.

Beauty in the Eye of the Collector

A collection of different-sized mirrors gives this room a personal touch.

Narcissistic Living Room

Who needs artwork when you can stare at the reflection of your beautiful living room?

Mini Mirrors

Small mirrors add an elegant touch to this otherwise boring door.

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