Make a Mudroom Bench

Use these instructions to create a bench perfect for your mudroom.


Just because it’s a mudroom doesn’t mean it has to be drab. Add a touch of class with a bench stained to your taste. Here’s how:

Materials and Tools:

1 sheet 4x8 plywood
1x4 pine lumber, stain-grade
circular saw
wood glue
finish nails
jigsaw with scroll blade
150-grit sandpaper
220-grit sandpaper
luan plywood
carpenter’s square
wood putty


1. Use a circular saw and guide to cut the plywood seat and bottom pieces to the desired length. In this project, the bench measured 18 inches wide by 64 inches in length.

2. Cut the sides out of plywood. The sides should be 18 inches wide by 21 inches high. Drill pilot holes at each end of the bottom board and attach the two side pieces using a thin bead of wood glue, securing with 1¼-inch drywall screws.

3. Cut two dividers to fit into the bench opening. Measure in from each side 14 inches and draw a straight edge across the width of the bottom board using a carpenter’s square. Attach the two dividers along the straight lines, using wood glue and 1-1/4-inch screws.

4. Place the top board in position and secure the two side pieces first. Drill pilot holes through the top and attach the top with wood glue and screws. Secure the two dividers by using wood glue and finish nails, making sure the dividers are square before attaching. Set the nails and fill the holes, using stainable wood putty.

5. Cut a back and two side pieces out of the 1x4 for the railing, using the length and width dimensions from the bench. Use a jigsaw to cut a slight angle on the ends of the side pieces to soften the rails. Attach the back rail first by running a bead of wood glue along the edge and placing the rail along the length of the top board—the seat. Secure from the bottom using finish nails. Attach the side rails, using glue and securing the ends to the back railing.


6. Cut the 1x4 to the length and width of the bottom panel of plywood to construct the base of the cabinet. Soften the base by cutting a slight curve, about 2 inches, from each end of the front and side pieces of 1x4. For the curve, use a cup lid to trace a curved edge and cut out the curve using a jigsaw with a scroll blade. Sand smooth and remove dust. Attach the base to the bottom piece of plywood using wood glue and finish nail.


7. Using a circular saw, cut plywood to the dimensions of the back of the bench. Attach the plywood back to the back of the bench seat and bottom board, using small finish nails. Make sure to secure the back to the sides and the dividers using nails.


8. Fills all holes with wood putty, and sand the entire piece smooth, first with 150-grit sandpaper and then with 220-grit. Remove all dust and paint or stain the bench as desired.

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