How to Build a Hall Tree

Provide a place to hang coats, scarves and hats and put on shoes with this project.

This hall tree is made of two sections: a tall back portion and a seat that looks like a box. The back piece is made up of two 2-by-2-inch side stiles and a series of 1-by-2-inch slats. The seat portion is made of 1-by-12-inch lumber and has an opening in the front for shoes. Here’s how to put it together:

Materials and Tools:

1-by-2-inch, 1-by-3-inch, 2-by-2-inch and 1-by-12-inch pine lumber
router table with straight bit
wood glue
finish nails
2½-inch-long drywall screws
2½-inch-long lag bolts
wooden buttons
luan plywood
mirror adhesive
220-grit sandpaper
miter saw
tack cloth or rags
wood filler


1. Cut the stiles and slats to the desired length with a miter saw (the stiles should be longer to accommodate the mirror). To make three cross supports from the 2-by-3’s, route a groove on one side of two of them using a router table with a straight bit. Place the slats in the grooves and secure each with wood glue and finish nails.

2. Secure the stiles by drilling pilot holes through them and into the cross supports. Screw them in place with drywall screws, and then hide the screw with wooden buttons glued in place.

3. Cut the plywood to the desired size and use adhesive to attach the mirror to it and secure it from behind to the top portion.

4. Build the seat portion by cutting all the 1-by-12’s to the desired size and gluing and nailing the pieces together. Cut 1-by-3’s to make the legs, and nail them in position.

5. To attach the two sections of the hall tree, drill pilot holes into the stiles and the box from the back, and secure them with lag bolts.

6. Fill the nail holes and let dry. Sand the entire piece and remove the dust with a tack cloth or damp rag. Prime and paint the piece as desired, allowing it to dry between coats.

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