Fiery Fireplace Candles

Candles around the fireplace add extra heat to a room. Get ideas to add candle decor to your home with these photos.

Photo By: Elizabeth Clarke

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

A Flickering Focal Point

Adding light through candles creates a great focal point.

Tall Candleholders

Tall candleholders elongate this fireplace and living room.

Holiday Subtleness

Decorating your mantel for the holidays doesn't mean going over the top. Create a subtle holiday design with miniature blue candles.

Contemporary Candles

A row of colorful glassybaby candles along with the black-and-white photograph creates a contemporary look.

Faux Fireplace

Add candles to a faux fireplace to add warmth and comfort to a room.

Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are great for decorating your mantel during the holidays.

Candle Illusion

Lighted glass shelving gives the illusion of a row of candles, which gives the room an inviting look.

Mismatched Candle Sticks

The inside of a fireplace is an excellent spot to showcase mismatched collections. This works especially well with disparate candlesticks. For a well-collected look, gather an odd number of candlesticks all in the same metallic, but in a variety of finishes. Here, a grouping of brass candlesticks in matte, satin and lacquered finishes carries a purple color scheme.

Power in Numbers

Group tall candles together at one side of the fireplace for a budget-friendly way to add some style.

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