Fabulous Frame Designs

Frames coordinate with any design style in any room. Get ideas to decorate your home with these fabulous frame photos.

Fun Focal Point

If you need artwork to fill a bathroom wall, look no further than your family photo album. Decorate the frames, add a song lyric or a quote to the wall, and create a fun, one-of-a-kind focal point. Submitted by RMS user designing_diva.

Framing a Frame

Adding trim around smaller frames makes the inner frame stand out.

Pictureless Frames

Leaving the frames empty adds an unusual, but elegant and decorative touch.

Dresser Design

It's easy and simple to add design to a dresser with framed artwork.
From: Erinn Valencich

Bold Color

This framed piece of art adds bold color to a monochromatic bathroom.
From: Troy Beasley

Thrift Store Frame

RMSer sherj87 created a piece of art with a thrift store frame and bold yellow walls.

Frame Visual

Resting a framed photo on a fireplace mantel creates a great visual point in a room.
From: Erinn Valencich

Framed Jewelry

You don't always have to put photos in a frame. Adding a piece of jewelry to a frame can set the tone in a room.

Feature Wall

Create some wall art with a mixture of several framed black-and-white photos and artwork.
From: Erinn Valencich

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