Dress Up Your Design: Accessorize a Naked Bedroom

Each month, a lucky reader wins accessories from Etsy.com to complete a room. For October's winner, trudat, style-maker Heather Armstrong selects the accessories and shares why she thinks they will take the bedroom from blah to beautiful.

Before: Naked Bedroom

October winner trudat loves the dark gray walls and bright yellow mid-century modern dresser in her bedroom, but she's in desperate need of accessories that add personality and interest.

Vintage Drafting Chair

Heather says: I love the whimsy and vintage flair of this chair, and the fact that it matches the yellow dresser already in the room. By positioning it diagonally from the dresser, the yellow is now more seamless in the room, and it brightens up that corner.

Decorative Crocheted Throw

Buying new bedding would be out of the budget, so I thought I'd bring in some accessories for the bed. I wanted the color scheme of the room to be gray, yellow and teal/turquoise. Something fun. And this throw will look great strewn across the bottom of the bed.

Seaweed Pillow Cover

I love the texture of this pillow, plus, it brings in more of the teal color.

Mid-Century Modern Lamp

Vintage find! Gorgeous lamp that grounds the dresser and brings more elegance to the room

Yellow Zigzag Pillows

The geometric pattern of these pillows plays off the curvy coral of the teal pillow, plus, it brings in more of the yellow scheme.

Decorative Calendar

Wall art on the cheap! The color matches the scheme perfectly, and if you hang them all in a three by four chunk on the wall, it looks like a cohesive piece of art.

Doily Clock

Fun and totally useful. What time is it?

City Prints

I chose these because they all fit into a story line, they fit the color scheme, and the style is really casual and comfortable, just like a bedroom should be.

Rustic Hooks

These hooks are pure vintage and totally world worn. I thought you could hang them over the chest on that one wall and then use them to hold scarves, ties, purses. etc. Useful art.

Milk Glass Bowls

Throw these on the dresser and you can stash spare change, earrings, bracelets, receipts you find in your jeans etc.

Vintage Door Numbers

Again, I love the vintage, slightly worn nature of these door numbers, and when put in a set of three over the bed, you have an instant focal point.

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