Be Your Own Barista: 15 Must-Haves for Coffee Addicts

If your morning mantra is, "but first ... coffee," this shoppable list will help you start (and maybe even end — no judgements here!) each day on a caffeinated kick.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.
September 25, 2018

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

Are you just using a regular ole spoon or measuring cup for your coffee grounds every morning? If so, hold up: It's time to treat yourself to your very own coffee scoop. This solid stainless steel cutie is sturdy enough to last you through all your future caffeine buzzes while ensuring you get the perfect amount of coffee grounds for each and every cup.

Buy It: Container Store, $3.99

Ceramic French Press

If you're ready to dip your toes into the world of becoming a coffee aficionado, but you're not sure where to start, a French press might be the perfect pick for you. You can ditch the same old same old see-through French press coffee maker for this ridiculously chic ceramic number. The ceramic material actually ensures the coffee will hold its temperature throughout the brewing process, so you're guaranteed a hot cuppa joe every time.

Buy It: Food 52, $120.00

Automatic Milk Frother

WARNING: Once you've tried deliciously frothed milk on your coffee, there's no going back. Perfectly frothed milk is one of the keys to creating your own barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos at home, and this handy gadget lets you do it with the push of a button.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $99.95

Java Hook

Here's the ultimate little gizmo for hardcore coffee lovers: a Java Hook! This pack of 3 plastic hooks easily slides into the to-go sleeve on your coffee cup allowing you to easily secure it to a shopping cart, stroller, magazine pouch on an airplane or even on your car door handle. Wherever you go, your coffee can now "hang out" with you.

Buy It: Amazon, $12.99


This Aeropress is the perfect choice for jet-setting coffee lovers. The portable brewer will brew a delish cup of coffee or espresso right over your mug. The total immersion brewing system means there is less grit than with a French press, and it's super fast too — just 20-40 seconds to a cup of coffee or 1-3 shots of espresso.

Buy It: Williams Sonoma, $29.95

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you prefer your coffee icy cold, then you need one of these individual cold brewers, pronto. You simply take this 3-piece pretty glass contraption and set it on top of your fave mug to get the cold brew action going. By the time you've cooked up your morning omelet, you'll have a frosty cup of coffee waiting for you.

Buy It: Mod Cloth, $10.97

Olive Wood Coffee Dripper

Calling all proud coffee snobs: This gorgeous glass coffee dripper needs to be on your radar if you're a pour-over coffee convert. Pour-over coffee is a Japanese method that requires a bit of work, but according to devotees, it's totally worth it. You'll need a special kettle and also a special dripper like this one to get started. Read more about how to get in on this hipster java trend here.

Buy It: Kaufmann Mercantile, $47.50

Travel Press Mug

Here's another fab item for the coffee-loving travelers out there: your own self-contained French press mug. This all-in-one item allows you to easily brew a fresh cup of joe, then drink it from the same handy travel mug. Best of all, your coffee will stay hot for several hours.

Buy It: Lord & Taylor, $20.00

Baratza Automatic Grinder

If you're ready to get serious about setting up your own home coffee brewing station, you definitely need your own high-quality grinder. This one-touch grinder has 40 custom settings allowing you to get the perfect coarse or fine grind depending on the type of coffee or espresso you'll be making.

Buy It: Food 52, $229.00

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Ok, welcome to the big leagues. If you're truly ready to ditch your local coffee shop and start making your own barista-worthy lattes and espressos at home, you need to pull out the big guns like this Barista Express espresso machine. This all-in-one machine has an integrated grinder, cup warmer and frother, so you'll have absolutely everything you need to make a kickass cappuccino for yourself every morning — while still in your jammies.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $599.95

Hand-Thrown Dipped Ceramic Mug

Now that you have all these fab coffee gadgets, you better make sure you have some sexy mugs for enjoying your daily jolt. We love this hand-thrown ceramic mug which holds 12 oz of coffee. And better yet, we love the story behind it: designed by artisans in Star, North Carolina, this team was put together after a factory closed leaving much of the town unemployed. The STARworks organization then came in and took a vacant factory and turned it into a ceramics and glass blowing studio, reviving the community's economy.

Buy It: Food 52, $42.00

Moka Pot Espresso Maker

Here's a budget-friendly espresso maker that works right on your stovetop. You'll actually find this espresso pot in the vast majority of Italian homes, which is a stamp of approval we can get behind. As water in the lower chamber boils, the pressure forces water through coffee grounds resulting in a super yummy home-brewed cup of espresso.

Buy It: Sur La Table, $69.95

Stanley Adventure Hot/Cold Cup

Once you've figured out how to brew the perfect cup of coffee or espresso at home, you need a cup like this that'll allow you to bring it with you wherever you go. This hot/cold cup will ensure that your coffee stays at the perfect temp no matter where your travels take you. You'll get up to 40 hours with iced coffee (whoa!) and up to 5-1/2 hours with a hot cup of joe.

Buy It: Amazon, $16.00

Programmable Coffee Brewer

Maybe you're a coffee lover, but you're not into anything fancy (#nojudgment). This 12-cup programmable coffee maker is a great choice for those who want to upgrade their coffee sitch at home without spending a fortune. Set the timer on this baby, and you'll wake up to the smell of coffee every morning like an alarm.

Buy It: Saks Fifth Avenue, $125.00

3-Month Coffee Subscription

If you like to mix up your coffee beans and always stay on top of new coffee roasts, why not sign up for a monthly subscription? This box features 4 unique roasts each month curated by the folks at Bean Box. They choose from the world's most renowned roasters from all over the world, so you're sure to get a delicious variety each and every month.

Buy It: Bean Box, $68.00