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Utilize Spaces With Creative Shelves

By: Carol Schoenfeld
Maximize every inch of space with unique and creative shelving tips, and increase storage and enhance your entire design scheme.
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Cubby Space

Bookshelves in a side alcove are a great way to utilize awkward wall space for additional storage. A design like this, with five simple, horizontal shelves, creates a perfect space to store and display collections in a creative and eye-catching way. Design by RMS user kcuringa

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From: Designed to Sell

Under the Stairs

The open space under a staircase is the perfect place to add a small shelving unit. The otherwise unusable space can be used for storage, as well as a place to display knickknacks. The shelves are cut to fit right under the stair slope, making them appear to be a built-in unit. Because this unit is set up right off a kitchen, designer John Gidding turned it into a mini bar and buffet.

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From: Designed to Sell and Designed to Sell

Wraparound Unit

Build a customized shelving unit around a kitchen column. The shelves will provide a lot of extra storage and create a cool design element in the space. Design by John Gidding

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Multifunctional Storage

In a small bedroom, the use of a sliding wall can create a multitude of functions. When closed, it presents a full wall of bookshelves. When opened, a Murphy bed pops down providing a place to sleep or to relax with a good book. Design by Andreas Charalambous

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