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15 Trending Ideas for Teenagers' Rooms From Interior Designers

From neon accents to retro chic, HGTV reveals some of 2023's biggest trends whether you are outfitting a teen bedroom or tricking out a teenagers' hangout zone.

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Change It Up

Teens are notoriously fickle creatures, but that's understandable considering they're still learning who they are and what they like. So while there are certain bedroom styles that are trending, they're as varied as teens themselves and run the gamut from retro sophistication to fashion influencer. Regardless of personal style, many teens are embracing the latest trends of lounge areas, neon accents and statement wallpaper. So whether your teen is interested in a new bedding color or wants to try out a completely new look, use these designer-sourced trends for fresh inspiration.

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Lounge Area

Move aside dedicated desk spaces — lounge areas are one of the hottest requests for teenagers' rooms. To recreate this lounge look, Carey Karlan of Last Detail Interior Design advises that the space should reflect the teen's style without resembling the rest of the house, or even the teen's bedroom, if it still feels juvenile.

"It must be inspirational and aspirational," Carey advises, which could include incorporating glamorous metallic wallpaper or a mirrored cabinet that hides a TV. But most of all, "It should be fun; a place to hang out, chat, etc." She recommends a curved sofa for this purpose. And since we're discussing teen design after all, "It should have more edge and privacy," Carey adds, than other rooms in the house.

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Neutral Sophistication

Carey says that as a result of the pandemic, with everyone spending more time at home than before in many cases, parents are willing to invest more money in their children's rooms. "There has been more commitment to higher-end, less juvenile wallpapers or interesting painted wall treatments," she observes. The result? Rooms with neutral, classic colors and decor and quality furnishings that are meant to grow with your teen.

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Neon Accents

Carey is among the designers who are tackling the neon trend, although she takes a more cautious approach — even if her younger clients fully embrace neon. "We wouldn't really want to paint a room pink flamingo or lime green, but a stripe of those colors around the room, plus a bold sofa color, is fun and everyone is happy," she says.

Other simple ways to try the neon trend are painting an accent wall, choosing a neon light fixture or hanging neon signs or artwork.

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