Tour a Charming (and Hip) Poconos Retreat

This cozy and modern cabin brings high style to relaxation.

By: Jeanine Hays

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Photo By: Chinasa Cooper

Living Space

Every vacation is about escape and relaxation but vacations in the mountains are all about space. This home is ideally designed to suit a large number of guests comfortably or to give a smaller group all the space they need to really spread out. This expansive living room is the perfect example. The open plan space, which includes the dining room, is cordoned off by the large sectional which is topped by a variety of pillows, many designed by homeowner and textile designer Chanee Vijay. Meanwhile, floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with light while giving a perfect view of Lake Naomi, which makes the space seem even bigger.

Not Just a Cabin in the Woods

Chanee Vijay is a woman of many talents. The owner of the eponymous Chanee Vijay Textiles, she has, for years, been the creative mind behind a beautiful array of pillows, aprons, tote bags and other textiles for the home that the brand is known for. Extending her design talents from textiles to interiors, Vijay turned a renovated vacation home for her and her husband in the Poconos mountains into a magical and inviting rental property known as the Kodai Lake House.

Earth Tones and Textures

From the time you step through the door and into the entryway, everything about this home is relaxed and serene. This is no accident. Chanee has a talent for weaving neutral tones in inventive ways into her design scheme that feel active and colorful even while taking full advantage of the calming powers of a neutral color palette. Here, the entry features not only earth tones but texture as well, combining the cool gray of the smooth stone with the lively brown of the wood grain to bring a sense of nature to the interior.

Family Game Room

Originally a garage and tool shed, this space has been converted into a family room. Comfy as well as cozy, the large sectional and cushioned settee are perfect for a family having an energetic night in. The neutral color palette in this room gets a slight boost with the introduction of some brighter tones in the settee cushion and sectional throw pillows.

A Room for the Kids

A second bedroom offers a place for little ones to rest after long days canoeing, skiing or just playing on the beach. Built for two, the room offers a palette with a few brighter hints, all while maintaining the overall sophistication of the home. Playful elements like the miniature stag head pair with the individual reading lamps and a small library to make a comfortable space for kids to sleep or just spend some time playing.

All the Kitchen You Need

There are vacations that are made for eating out, and there are those that make you want to stay in. For anyone who likes to cook, this home is definitely built for the latter. Where the rest of the home evokes a rustic feel, the tone in this kitchen is decidedly modern with its stainless steel appliances and an induction cooktop. The kitchen island combines with the large countertops to give getaway chefs all the counter space they need to explore and create. Meanwhile the stylish double pendant lights over the island continue the contemporary look of this room.

Light Breakfast

Just off the kitchen, sits a small breakfast nook, ideally suited for grabbing a bite in the morning before heading out to explore the mountain, hit the slopes, or enjoy the home’s private beach on the shore of Lake Naomi. Bathed in light from windows on three sides, the mismatched chairs lend it a casual air that’s perfect for easing into the day.

Working With Wood

Wood plays a major role in the design of this home. It’s one of the three major elements that make up the palette for the entire home. But its role is more than color based. Using wood in a rustically-styled home is a way of connecting the interior of the home to the nature that surrounds it. So much of the reason for a woodsy getaway is the restorative effects of communing with nature. By bringing so much wood and stone into the space, Chanee has effectively brought the indoors and outdoors together, so the communing doesn’t stop when the skiing or hiking ends.

Big Time Bedroom

The master bedroom is so luxuriously sized that it could almost be a vacation home all by itself. Housing a California king-sized bed, the space still has enough room for a fireplace, a sofa and a vanity. The colors in this room are the same as on the first floor, but the browns and grays are all slightly lighter. A new pop of color makes an appearance here with the greens of the table lamps and bench, all while keeping with the home's natural palette. A woven sunburst over the bed completes the picture.

Bedroom Vanity

The vanity here is inset with a lighted mirror, counter space and drawers - everything needed to transition from a day of nature-loving to some nighttime activity. The stool adds a bit of pattern to the mostly white tableau while a potted plant adds a dash of color and life.

Sustainable Style

During renovation, reclaimed wood elements like the shelves and countertop seen here were woven in throughout the home. Darker and rougher than the newer wood textures, they add another layer of color and texture that adds depth to the home. As part of the kitchen, they act as a counterpoint to some of the more modern touches, keeping the overall rustic feel on track.

Dining Together

The dining room continues the mixture of grays, browns and white that define so much of the first floor of this home. Despite its size, moments like this dining room, reflect that it was designed to give a sense of intimacy within the expanse. The amount of open space around this dining table makes it feel cozy even though it seats six.

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