The Power of Decorative Trim

From windows and doors to blankets and tablecloths, add designer detail to your home with decorative trim.

Jazz Up Bedding

Breathe new life into a basic bed coverlet by adding a band of tape trim around the edges. For a tone-on-tone look, consider trim that's slightly darker or lighter than the color of your coverlet. To add a dash of unexpected color and contrast, opt for something bold and vibrant.

Take It Vertical

Give basic pillowcases a graphic update with tape trim. While a full perimeter around the edges is the most popular way to go, consider adding the trim as vertical stripes, one on each side and one directly in the center of the pillow. To ensure the most durability, apply the trim using a hand-stitch method.

Trim Draperies

Gimp is an extra-narrow and ornate type of trim often paired with larger trim such as rope and/or tape; decorators often use gimp as a transition between a solid fabric and a larger band of decorative trim. Using gimp on drapery panels is an excellent way to add a pop of bold color in a subtle manner. To ensure the gimp detail remains in clear view, it's best to place it approximately two inches in from the leading edge of the drapery panel.

Dress Up Drum Pendants

To create the look of custom lighting in your own home without a hefty price tag, simply pick up a basic drum shade and a pendant kit from a major retailer and/or home improvement store. Take the drum shade to the next level with a single band of trim around the bottom applied with a hot glue gun and glue sticks. Once hung from the ceiling, not only will the shade help ground the space, it will also add a punch of pattern.

Pipe Pillows

When it comes to furniture and pillows, many homeowners are familiar with the term "piping." Another term used by designers and upholsterers to refer to this decorative detail is "welting." An excellent way to add graphic detail to throw pillows is to add welting in a high-contrast color, referred to as "contrast welt." Upholsterers attach welt cord around the perimeter of two pieces of fabric with a sewing machine before sewing the bottom of the pillow and adding a zipper.

Coordinate Window Treatments

A great way to add pattern, color and graphics to a space in a sophisticated manner is by using trim to coordinate window shades and drapery panels. This layered look makes a room feel both evolved and tailored. While there are hundreds of styles and patterns to choose from, Greek key is a classic which seems to never go out of style.

Tape Trim Times Two

Lampshades made from custom fabrics can often be more expensive than table lamps themselves. Give a basic lampshade high-end appeal with a double band of tape trim: one along the top and one along the bottom. To add it, all that's needed is a glue gun, hot glue sticks and a steady hand.

Trim the Door

Many designers add high-end appeal to interior doors with upholstery and nail-head detail. After fabric and batting are attached to the door with a staple gun or pin gun, the nail heads are applied one at a time using a rubber mallet.

Nail-Head Border

Nail head used as tufting is an excellent way to add a touch of metallic to an otherwise solid piece of furniture. A bit more pricey than standard buttons, metal nail heads are usually sold by the box, and upholsterers set their prices by how many boxes a single piece requires.

Metallic Tufting

A double band of nail-head trim around the edge of a sofa, banquette or custom seating is a great way to add graphic detail as well as contrast. This application is easy to do yourself if applied to ready-made, flat upholstery and accent pieces such as fabric-covered headboards or even message boards and bulletin boards.

Neutral Border

Consider cutting fabric into two-inch strips, then adding a border directly to the edges of a tablecloth with a hand-stitch application. For tablecloths which receive very little use, this same look can be achieved using iron-on adhesive tape and an iron.

Graphic Touch

Tassels are one of the most formal, traditional styles of decorative trim which continue to stay en vogue. An excellent way to use tassels effectively is to add them along the bottom of a Roman shade. Once raised halfway up the window, the tassels take on graphic appeal once backlit by the sun.

Playful Accents

Pom-pom trim is easily the most fun decorative trim out there. Any boring throw blanket can take on a new identity as something funky and fresh by hand-stitching pom-pom trim along all four edges.

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