Style a Sofa 5 Different Ways

We tried a few different looks on our sofa supermodel. Which colors would you choose for this beauty in your home?

Basic White

Punch up a white sofa with bright fuschias and oranges. Using these bold colors in accent pillows is a great way to experiment with intense hues without having to make a permanent change.


A sky blue sofa is a tranquil backdrop for poppy greens (more limey, less foresty) and energetic pinks (more fuchsia, less bubblegum).


With such a bold yellow sofa, it's a good idea to limit your pillow picks to various shades of blue. The contrast is totally punchy, but the effect is so classic.


How elegant is this lavender sofa? The plush plum-color pillows give it a girly vibe, but graphic black-and-white patterns mixed in keep it guy-friendly.


You can't help but smile at a pink sofa! Peppy pillows in citrus shades add tons of energy. An orange and white striped rug would be extra cute with this.

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