Strategies for Decorating Coffee Tables

Try these 10 simple strategies for arranging coffee table accessories to fit your - and your room's - style. Then see how our readers used these tips in their homes!
By: Leah Hennen


Built-in cubbies turn this coffee table into a horizontal display case. Photo by nep.

Keep It Personal

Unique ceramic pottery gives this coffee table vingette a personal touch. Photo by caramimi.

Choose a Theme

A stack of books about shabby chic decorating is accented by a vintage white bird and a simple vase of robin's eggs. Photo by suzanneduda.

Add Surprising Accessories

A simple silver bowl is an unexpected, attractive centerpiece on this coffee table. Photo by boristheblade.

Stick to Odd Numbers

Three coffee tables are better than one in this bright, asymmetrical arrangement. Photo by birdinthehand.

Choose Containers

Tiny containers and trays add both interest and storage space to this coffee table. Photo by moline.

Consider Scale and Height

A mixture of height and colorful accessories adds life to this coffee table. Photo by jacquiscloset.

Less is More

Minimal decoration and clean space on the table makes this room feel relaxed and organized. Photo by ameeliah.

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