A Classic Southern-Style Laundry Room

This chic, southern-style laundry room may be glam, but it's super hardworking, too. Take a peek around for incredible design inspiration.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Classic + Neutral Laundry Room

This designer laundry room is packed with classic style certain to withstand the test of time. Any time you're designing a task-related space involving high-cost items, it's best to stick with styles that aren't too trendy. If a room looks too current, it's likely to date faster.

Light + Bright

Thanks to the abundance of natural light, the laundry room was able to accommodate wall covering in medium-toned colors without darkening it. An excellent way to get the most bang for your buck when designing a space that includes an exterior wall is to add windows or transoms. This can make a simple, task-oriented space, such as a linen closet or garage, feel more like a destination than a transition space.

Classic Carpet

Traditional rugs are a popular design element in southern homes. And while wet spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are best equipped with wood or tile floors, the simple addition of an area rug instantly warms up the space and makes it feel more finished.

Iron Chandelier

Here, iron was incorporated through a 36-inch-wide orb chandelier which helps ground the space, offer efficient lighting and break up the boxy feel of the space.

Soapstone Surfaces

Soapstone countertops are an excellent fit for hard-working spaces and they're usually much more affordable than marble. If soapstone becomes scratched, its surface can easily be restored with oil.

Work Sink

The center of the laundry room includes an under-mount sink for rinsing clothes before tossing them into the wash. While under-mount sinks add a clean, seamless look to countertops, they also require a great deal of skill to install. In order for an under-mount sink to be properly installed, it's positioned in place from below, then secured to the bottom of the countertop with silicone.

Chic Storage

To maximize storage, the laundry room was designed with a row of upper cabinets installed along the same wall that houses the washer and dryer. This keeps everyday essentials such as detergent, bleach and fabric softener within arm's reach, yet neatly tucked away.

Clean Workstation

The laundry room's workstation is equipped with organizers to help keep everything neat and easily accessible. An oversized glass jar keeps enough powder detergent nearby for more than a dozen loads of laundry, while a wire basket makes loading and unloading clean towels efficient.

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