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Small Space Solutions for the Bedroom and Home Office

Small space? No sweat! See how one Brooklyn couple maximized their loft apartment for ample room to work from home and sleep comfortably, and you can, too.

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Use Art as an Anchor

Online lifestyle editor Briana and her boyfriend Buzz, a mobile developer, intended for the bedroom in their Brooklyn loft to have an airy, calm, Palm Springs-inspired feeling. Yet the expansive wall behind their bed seemed impossible to fill and they knew small pieces would just make the space feel cluttered or jammed. By opting for one large piece of art hung directly above the bed, they found their sleeping area was instantly anchored. The key to using art successfully in small spaces is to opt for large, over-scaled pieces. Art pieces like this instantly add a graphic focal point and also offer a single source of color to inspire paint and accessories that personalize the space.

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Bedroom Before

Determined to make the most of their small space, Briana and Buzz sought an efficient space and lighting plan for their bedroom. To keep the surface of their nightstands clear for books and everyday items, the couple wanted a way to light the bedside area without taking up valuable tabletop space. In addition, they needed a solution for creating a temporary worktop surface for their laptops, one that would allow them to work from bed and to store their laptops on a surface rather than setting them down on the floor.

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Plug It In

To add ample light to their sleeping area, Briana and Buzz opted for wall-mounted, plug-in sconces that don't require permanent hard wiring. By simply screwing the attachment to the wall, then plugging the cord into a nearby outlet, the look of custom, permanent lighting is achieved without long-term commitment or the steep cost of hiring an electrician. Another advantage of wall-mounted sconces is that table space is freed up, allowing surfaces to be used for other purposes.

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Photo: Photographer: Christina Wedge. From: Brian Patrick Flynn.

Table It

Whether working late on web-based projects or watching DVDs, Briana and Buzz needed space for their laptops in their bedroom. To add instant workspace without creating clutter, the couple added a C-table to the side of the bed that keeps their laptops perfectly within reach. The bottom of the table has a C-shaped frame that tucks underneath the bed, keeping it securely supported and out of the way.

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