Remodeled Ranch Home in Salem, Ore.

With the help of Realtor Christy Temple – and the Good Neighbor Next Door program – middle school teacher Chelsea was able to purchase a house at an incredible 50-percent discount. After that, all it took was a little TLC to transform this diamond in the rough into a comfortable home for her family.
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Remodeled Ranch

Homeowner Chelsea (middle) poses with her husband Michael and Realtor Christy Temple at her home in Salem, Ore., which she purchased at a 50-percent discount through the Good Neighbor Next Door program.

Home Exterior

A new front porch adds loads of curb appeal to the home.

Living Room

The wood floors were buffed to a shine, breathing new life into this space.

Dining Room and Kitchen

An exposed brick wall adds a stylish touch to the dining room, which leads to the backyard and updated kitchen.


The kitchen was spruced up with new appliances, a microwave hood vent and extra cabinets.

Master Bedroom

During the renovation, the master suite was expanded with a new bathroom and a walk-in closet.

Master Bathroom

Besides this master bathroom, the home’s new addition includes a den and a walk-in closet.


Behind the home is a charming covered patio and a sizable yard.

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