Proof Throw Blankets Can Transform Any Space

Looking to give your interior an upgrade that's as stylish as it is welcoming? Throw blankets will do the trick — and these 10 rooms prove it.

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Plush Bedding

Keeping things minimalist in the bedroom is a great way to achieve a dreamy oasis, but it can also run the risk of being just a touch too stark. Revamp your crisp linens by working in a plush throw blanket to add a bit more texture to your overall setup. Stick with an option within the same color palette and you’ll be able to keep that neutral look while incorporating a cozy addition.

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Elevated Entryway

Whether you’re using benches as seating in your entryway, or just want a timeless piece of furniture to fill in any gaps in your interior, they’re the perfect pieces for some added style. Place a throw blanket or two right on top of your bench of choice for an on-trend upgrade that will transform your space in all the right ways.

Leaning Ladder

Throw blankets aren’t reserved only for couches and beds. These soft textiles look just as charming when they’re kept on full display. Rather than stashing away your cozy options, keep them right where you can see them with the help of some chic exposed storage. A rustic ladder, for example, is the ideal piece to lean against any blank wall and adorn with your favorite throws. Easy access and a stylish upgrade that will turn any room into a showstopper.

Boho-Chic Layers

Give any living space a refresh by dressing up the sofa with some layered throw blankets. Why stop at just one blanket when you can display multiple options? This blanket pairing approach will create a next-level seating area that is just as stylish as it is comfortable. Mix and match different colors, patterns and materials to achieve a design-forward transformation that only takes a minute or two.

Sophisticated Sofa

If the side of your sofa is looking a bit drab, liven things up by introducing a throw blanket to this underutilized spot. Whether you want to stick with a tone-on-tone look or go bold with a few unexpected contrasts, the sides of your seating will never look better. Want to take it a step further? Add a trendy side table and a stylish lantern to create a complex corner that will wow.

Reading Nook Refresh

Reading nooks come in a variety of sizes and styles — from built-in window seating to makeshift cozy corners — but they're always a welcome addition. Make sure your designated area is well equipped with everything you need to settle in and get cozy. An oversized basket that’s well stocked (read: overflowing) with a variety plush blankets is a no-brainer. Finish off this curated corner with some well-placed plants and book-friendly lighting and you'll be all set to kick back, relax and get to reading.

Pattern Party

If you don’t know how to go about decorating an empty — or under-designed — room, the addition of a bold pattern is the perfect way to completely transform any space. Skip expensive and timely updates and start with a printed throw blanket for an easy switch-up. From geometric patterns to traditional floral prints, this new focal point will add just the right amount of visual depth to a lackluster area that needs a boost.

Cozy Contemporary

Modern design is seriously swoon-worthy, but can be tricky to incorporate into your own interior aesthetic. Want a space that has modern flair but still rocks charming qualities? Throw blankets will help you soften up any too-harsh areas. Show industrial furniture some homey love by draping throws on them. The added texture will help these statement pieces blend seamlessly into your existing setup.

Pop of Color

Decor, including throw blankets, has the power to change just about any room for the better. One way these small touches do wonders? Playful pops of bright colors. If a space is feeling too bland or monochromatic, the addition of a colorful piece will introduce just the right amount of vibrancy. Simply drape a bright throw on any seating option for a refresh that will bring the perfect splash of character to any corner.

Double Trouble

Add double the amount of style by introducing two of the same exact throw blankets in the same space. This cohesive approach will make any room look perfectly curated and magazine-worthy. For the most impactful effect, arrange two of the same throws on matching chairs. Don’t stop there, though. Try out an eye-catching color or pattern on this duo to really make the set stand out.

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