Pretty Painted Floors

Rejuvenate tired hardwoods; a new look is as simple as a fresh coat of paint.
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It's a Money Saver

If your hardwoods have seen better days, a simple paint job can do wonders. Unlike refinishing and staining floors, painting cost less and is easier to do yourself. Design by RMSer annscott_11041460.

Charming Addition

If you're a lover of cottage or beach-inspired style, then painted white floors are for you. No need to worry about scuffs and scratches; they'll just add to the charm and create a distressed look. Design by RMSer homemom.

Colorful Stairway

Paint stair risers in multicolored hues. Since stairs get a lot of wear and tear, make sure to seal them properly so your new look will last. Design by RMSer KITTENCAMPBELL.

Clean and Crisp

Instantly brighten a space with a clean white floor. Plus, caring for painted floors is no different than hardwood floors. Design by RMSer saltybay22.

Unique and Artistic

Don't just stick with one color when painting your floors. Get creative with a white and black checkered pattern or try stripes to give a small room the illusion of more space. Design by RMSer ladyofshallot.

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