Next-Level Desks That Will Inspire You to Get Organized

Staying organized can be a struggle for some. If you fall in that category (guilty), take a look at these stylish home workspaces that will inspire you to get your essentials in order.

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January 17, 2018
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Matching Desk Accessories

Counter tops and surface areas tend to serve as catchalls for all sorts of items — and your desk is far from safe when it comes to this messy mayhem. Unfortunately, tossing rolls of tape and paperclips can create an unsightly and difficult place to actually get work done. Avoid the woes of having to sort through your supplies by creating a designated spot for each item. While standard options may be a bit bland, there are ways to add on-trend elements that will help you create an inspiring workspace. Try a matching set, like this rose gold one, to create a cohesive look that you won’t mind keeping on display.

Stylish Storage Baskets

From housing extra throw blankets to hiding bathroom products, woven baskets are one of our favorite handy helpers. If your workspace has become overrun by supplies and papers, this organizational tool will help to transform your desk into an ultra tidy spot perfect for meetin those tough deadlines. Keep them on top of your desk, tucked away on an empty shelf, or underneath furniture for a practical way of keeping everything in order.

Utilize the Walls

It’s crucial to keep the desk itself as organized as possible to ensure uninterrupted productivity. That can be tough to maintain if the surface area simply isn’t big enough though. Rather than struggling to keep everything in one place, utilize the surrounding walls to create a next-level system that will keep all of your must-haves in order. This corkboard paired with a floating shelf and hanging bins is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Perfectly Arranged Decor

A desk doesn’t have to contain house stacked binders and alphabetized files in order to be an organizational knockout. Take this vibrant setup, for example. While you may not see the typical workstation essentials, the items that are showcased are arranged to perfection. Rather than keeping lackluster necessities on display on shelves and in cubbies, bring in the things that inspire you the most instead. Collections of books, framed art and so much more will turn any office into something more than just a spot to sit down and work.

High-Style Shelves

Rather than opting for a generic or predictable desk, bring in something that matches your existing aesthetic so it blends in flawlessly. This glam option is made to be shown off, so why cover it with run of the mill office supplies? Add some organizational tools that are just as stylish so they won’t detract from the eye-catching qualities of this high style standout. Glossy trays and cubes become the perfect spots to group similar items in the sleekest of ways.

Floor-to-Ceiling Pegboard

Not all desks are created equal and this craft station proves just that. While some workstations require computers and calculators, other setups cater to those with more hands-on passions. This approach becomes an organizer's dream thanks to the floor-to-ceiling pegboard that houses all of those creative essentials. If you’re ever struggling to figure out how to turn a messy situation into an orderly one, a pegboard is a no-fail way to get this done. With the ability to hang shelves, hooks, and more, this Pinterest-friendly addition will save you from chaotic clutter.

Well-Stocked Shelves

If you love a visit to an office supply store, this approach is definitely for you. An assortment of boxes and bins come together perfectly in this bright room. Although there are a good amount of items on display here, it doesn’t look cluttered in the slightest. Have a lot to store? Stick to one color palette — like this crisp white — to create a tone-on-tone look that will keep your own desk and its surroundings feeling spacious and airy. Never again will you feel overcome by bulky additions and disarray.

Built-in Wall Unit

Whether they’re permanent built-in fixtures or you’ve installed a DIY unit, a good set of shelves, cubbies or cabinets can give any workspace a much needed facelift. Rather than keeping all of your essentials sprawled out on top of the desk, use shelves to divvy up what you need and keep those items in easy-to-access spots. By designating one section to envelopes, one to pens, etc., you’ll create a system sure to make even your most organized friend green with envy.

Classic Office Organizers

Sticking to traditional storage options is a no-fail way to overcome disorder. Go back to basics when it comes to your desk and stick with those finds that are guaranteed to keep your interior looking as organized as ever. Upright file holders styled alongside some lush plants and framed photos become less of a generic addition and more of a decorative accent. Skip typical office-esque materials and colors and grab something with a bit more of a homey feel to add warmth. Take things one step further by using glass jars to store your small-scale items for a situation that’s as stylish as it is neat.

Exposed Shelving

Believe it or not, there are ways to achieve a totally swoon-worthy working space without sticking to a traditional route. If possible, stash everyday items in drawers or cabinets to avoid having them in plain sight. Instead, opt for a sleek look that houses only your most crucial musts — like, your computer or notepads. If your setup is feeling a bit too bare, install a few exposed shelves to house decorative accents to liven up the ambiance. Need a pop of color or pattern? Apply an easily removable wallpaper to add a playful backdrop that will serve as some serious motivation.

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