10 Must-Have Home Tech Trends for 2015

Smart home technology is one of many tech trends we're seeing for the home this year, and much of it has become more affordable and easier than ever to install. No longer just for the wealthy and tech-savvy, you can now create the home of tomorrow, today.

Photo By: Carlos Garcia

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Personal Assistant Robots

A new crop of personal assistants can do everything, from sending alerts when your kids get home to making restaurant reservations. They're always listening, so you can speak to them as you would a person in the room. You call their name (Jibo), and they're at your beck and call. Photo courtesy of Jibo

Smart Home

Smart home technology used to be very expensive and installing it meant completely rewiring your home. A whole slew of DIY smart home products have made adopting these products more affordable and easy to install (no need to hire a technician). Plus, most of them communicate wirelessly, so you can keep your walls intact. Photo courtesy of Quirky

3D Printing

Imagine a future where something breaks (a doorknob, a teaspoon, a screw) and you just print a new one. Having a 3D printer in your home is within reach, and the possibilities — for everything from creative, crafty endeavors to home maintenance — are endless. Photo courtesy of Cubify

Smart Appliances

From major appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves) to small appliances (slow cookers and coffeemakers), an increasing number of gadgets in your home are getting connected and app-operable. You can now preheat your oven on the way home from work and turn on your coffeemaker while still in bed. Photo courtesy of Belkin

TVs in New Places

Ever-attached to our screens, we're seeing televisions crop up in exciting new places, like outside on our patios or embedded into our bathroom mirrors. Photo courtesy of Electric Mirror

Dressed to Impress

Black and silver are ho-hum — today's gadgets are styled to match a range of decor. These Bluetooth speakers have wool covers that are meant to coordinate with your room's chic design. Photo courtesy of Libratone

Cleaning Robots

Scrubbing your bathroom floor, cleaning leaves out of your gutters, giving the house a good sweep — hose are all jobs I'd rather not do. Bring in the robots! Cleaning robots use laser sensors to map the environment so they never miss a spot, and they dock themselves in their chargers when they're done. Plus, they don't ask for breaks. Photo courtesy of iRobot

Automated Energy

A new batch of energy-efficient gadgets, like smart thermostats, can help you climate control your home most efficiently, saving you money (and helping the planet, too). More appliances are also connecting to the grid, allowing you to do laundry or wash dishes when it's least expensive. Photo courtesy of Nest

DIY Home Security

For renters, or those on a budget, a home security system used to be out of reach. A new wave of DIY security systems with no monthly fees or install woes are making it easy for anyone to keep an eye on their home from afar and keep it protected. Photo courtesy of Piper

A Better Night’s Sleep

Mattresses, monitors and innovative clocks are all designed to help you sleep comfortably and analyze every minute of the night to ensure you improve your sleep habits. This alarm clock wakes you gently with light that mimics the sun rising which is gentler on your system. Photo courtesy of Withings

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