A Master Bedroom With a Modern Nautical Touch

A classic master bedroom features a soft gray-green color scheme with a modern nautical feel.

A Modern Coastal Look

From classic navy-and-white throw pillows to the heirloom wall art, this master bedroom is punctuated by nautical accents. When recreating the look at home, be sure to balance classic color schemes with lighter tones, such as the pale gray-green wall color and the pastel blues in the bedspread.

Natural Light

Oversized windows framed with plantation shutters are a playful alternative to a conventional headboard. The open framing of the iron bed keeps the view unobstructed yet still offers enough weight to visually ground the room.

Classic Appeal

An iron bed is timeless and sophisticated. Pairing its heavy weight with soft blues and grays softens the iconic design.

Organic Materials

A honey oak side table adds timeless appeal to this bedroom. Balanced with concrete urn lamps, organic materials help balance almost any design style.

Versatile Pieces

A shaker-style side table serves double duty as a space-saving desk when paired with a simple Windsor chair.

Industrial Lines

An architectural tripod lamp strikes a good, masculine balance when designing a shared space.

Simple Styling

A bundle of thistle in a Mason jar makes for a sweet and simple arrangement.

Chair Vignette

A classic Windsor chair is reimagined as a stylish vignette instead of a seat.

Blue Layers

The room has a cohesive gray-green color scheme with plenty of play on dark to light. The walls are painted in the lightest version of gray-green and then followed by a medium-tone paisley pattern on the bed.

Mid-Mod Art

This 3-D wall art depicting a sailing ship was created using curved pieces of wood and metal rods.

Clean + Simple

The timeless appeal of a soft, white drum shade is a great anchor to almost any design.

Captain's Dresser

A hand-me-down dresser is perfectly at home in this bedroom. Balanced by a pair of modern industrial lamps and textural objects, this is a good example of how old and new can successfully mix.

Impromptu Seating Area

A small corner is utilized as additional seating and introduces new shapes to this bedroom.

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