Plan a Fun Girlfriends' Staycation

Even if the sun's not out, bring the good times indoors with a living room picnic brunch for all your friends.

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Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

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Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Photo By: Nicole Caudle

Table Setting Layering

Don’t hesitate to mix colors and styles for your staycation brunch. Here, we have layered the table in stripes, wicker and bright color for a modern yet traditional take on brunch decor. If stripes are not your thing, you can enhance your wicker chargers by spray painting them a fun color and take things a step further with a homemade menu card.

Have an Indoor Picnic

If rain is on the horizon or the weather has turned chilly, you can always bring things indoors. For a bonding activity, you and your guests can take out all of the furniture in a room and replace it with an indoor picnic. It makes for a beautiful space to relax without worrying about a rainy day plan.

Sunflowers Are Sun in a Vase

Sunflowers are a fun way to enhance a casual floral arrangement. For even more fun, invite a local floral designer to teach a workshop to your guests, and if you don’t have the budget for a florist, select an online video to watch with your friends.

Tropical Cocktails

Life is busy, and sometimes we don’t always have time to make a complex cocktail. For alternatives to mimosas, pair champagne and frozen pineapples with your favorite glassware. The chilled fruit will not only chill your champagne quickly but also serve as decor for your cocktail.

Macarons Mean More

Stop by your local antique store to stock up on trays for your staycation. If you plan ahead, you can ask your local baker to personalize your macarons with a monogram or the date of your staycation. You can also ask them to create a flavor to match a signature drink that you make for your guests.

Pineapple Tray and Drinks to Match

Hosting a staycation is all about hospitality, and nothing says hospitality like a cocktail and that icon of Southern hospitality: pineapples. I found this drink tray and cocktail set at a local thrift store. When paired with your favorite cocktail, you have the makings of a relaxing happy hour. If you can’t find a tray or pineapple glass, opt for drink stirrers from your local home accessories store to create a tropical inspired look that you can use all weekend.

Pineapples Add Punch

Pineapples are not only great to eat but even better as decor. Have a fear of homemade floral arrangements? Try a fresh pineapple; it makes an affordable and simple display that even a novice hostess can handle. When you are done using the pineapple for display, add them to your menu for another meal or add to the bar for a specialty cocktail. If you are up for it, find a unique way to cut them into fun shapes, and if you need a little help, this can be an activity to do with your guests.

Staycation Favors

No need to blow your budget on takeaway gifts for your guests. Staple items such as a mini notebook or stationery are perfect staycation favors. For a personal touch, add a favorite candy or snack to each gift.

Dessert First!

A display of macarons and cupcakes in pastel colors will set the tone for a fun-filled brunch and also serve as temporary, edible decor.

Picnic Basket Decor

A basket will organize and easily transport your indoor picnic. Be sure to include your napkins, drink mixes and snacks. You can achieve a unique look by spray painting the basket or adding a ribbon to your current picnic basket. Include your guests by asking them to bring a favorite food and background information on its origin, perfect for a history lesson and unique dinner or lunch experience.

A Well-Styled Tray

Want to inspire some great conversation? Start with a cocktail. Every great cocktail starts with a well-styled drink tray that includes local wines, unique glassware, and drink mixers.

Thanks for Your Friendship

Offer gifts when guests arrive or save them for their departure. Either way, they can make cheerful, bright decor for your party.

A Thoughtful Gift

Incorporate gifts for all of your guests into your staycation decor. If it's a weekend staycation, include an itinerary with scheduled and suggested activities with each gift.

Homegrown Library

While you are hosting your staycation, be sure to enjoy a few moments to yourself. This alone time is when you should read your latest magazine or get inspiration for a new dinner recipe with a vintage cookbook like the one pictured here. To engage your guests, request that each of them bring their favorite cookbooks, each from a different region of the country or their hometowns. You can learn more about your friends and explore new recipes, and take a food tour trip without leaving your house.

Pineapples and Sweet Tea

You don’t have to leave your home to have a resort-style weekend. Find a pineapple inspired wine or cocktail glass and pour your favorite sweet tea-inspired cocktail to enjoy some much-deserved downtime and make your home your resort. Be sure to pick various tea flavors such as strawberry, peach, or lemon for variety.

Plan a Journaling Activity

A staycation is not complete without downtime, and even as the hostess, you can sneak away for a few minutes to write down your thoughts and drink a glass of sweet tea or champagne. To inspire your guests in their own journaling activity, put up some of your favorite inspirational quotes around the house on chalkboards. You can even ask your guests to add some of their words throughout the weekend.

A Colorful Toast to the Weekend

An after-dinner toast sets the mood to celebrate your girlfriend staycation. To enhance the experience, add colorful juices and local fruit to your champagne glass.

Champagne Bucket Vase

Champagne buckets are great items to keep on your antique or thrift store wish list. Much more than an elegant way to serve wine or champagne, they make great vases too.

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