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2023 Interior Design Trends: Radiant Reawakening

Bright, cheerful colors, fun design and a new emphasis on self-care and inclusivity define this cutting-edge 2023 design trend.

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Radiant Reawakening

We are in the midst of a cultural renaissance in which traditional notions of value, gender, body type and interpersonal relationships are in flux. People are letting personal taste and passions dictate home decor, abandoning resale value for happy design where color, whimsy, abundant funky tile and wallpaper patterns and bright, cheerful colors dominate.

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Photo: Katie Kimmel

Happiness Decor

People want to create happy moments in their homes (like this puppy vase from designer Katie Kimmel). Cheeky maximalism and cluttercore with tons of color and layering offer a bold new take on the grandmillennial trend.

Homeowners are saying goodbye to greige, generic fixtures, colors and features and resale value and instead personalizing their homes with vanity tile walls in bathrooms and tiled ceilings. Inspired by the style inspiration of Airbnb, hotels and restaurants, homeowners want to create a space that makes them feel good and brings them joy. Play is making its way into design with neon pops of color and kindergarten geometric shapes.

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Photo: Catherine Nguyen. From: Hilary Farr, Love It Or List It and Duplex Dilemma.

Buying for Love, Not Status

When Love It Or List It co-host Hilary Farr downsized to this gorgeous North Carolina cottage, she was expressing a new desire among homeowners to have a space they love, not just the biggest and best they can afford.

“I saw it. I loved it. I bought it. I didn’t look at anything else. I’ve always had big houses and now I want to consider a different lifestyle. I like the idea of living in a smaller but fabulous space," says Hilary of her new purchase.

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Photo: Marcus Meisler

The New Neutral: Pink

Throwing out every cliché about pink as a girly color, this remarkably versatile, flattering hue has become a design standard so universal and beloved, it is now working as a neutral.

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