7 Inspiring Home Ideas You Never Thought to Try

Have you ever thought of … using crazy-dark paint? Hanging a rug as art? Decorating your ceiling? No? Get excited — you’re about to be inspired by these out-of-the-box home ideas from HGTV Magazine.

August 30, 2019

Photo By: Amy Bartlam

Photo By: Kim Cornelison

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Adding a Bench to Your Dining Table

Benches have a more informal and inviting vibe than the usual set of chairs, plus you can fit extra guests. It’s okay if the wood finishes don’t match — they’ll blend just fine. If you want to pair an upholstered bench with upholstered chairs, stick with equally rich shades, like these yellow and blue jewel tones. Find upholstered kinds with turned legs from Wisteria or get them secondhand. The diamond-print fabric on this one is by Perennials. (Room design by Jenn Feldman Designs)

Mixing up Barstools

Barstools in a variety of colors are an unexpected way to perk up a neutral kitchen. For a cohesive look, stick to the same kind (these are Tolix-style stools), then sprinkle more bright bursts around the room with dishware. Find barstools like these at Overstock, Poly & Bark and Industry West. (Room design by Carissa Fox)

Installing a Giant Light In a Bedroom

A larger-than-life pendant or chandelier adds drama to a subdued space, especially when it’s smack in the center of the room. The light here is more than half the width of the full-size bed. This one is 32 inches wide. For a similar stunner the same size, check out the IKEA Grimsas. Shades of Light has gorgeous oversize options too. (Room design by Ali Budd Interiors)

Painting a Wall Black

Don’t be scared. The secret to success is using a black with a tinge of blue, so the darkness has depth. An expanse of it is easier to pull off on built-ins or behind open shelves, where you can layer white objects and plants to break up the color. This is Black Blue by Farrow & Ball, or try Dark Night by Sherwin-Williams. (Room design by Zoe Feldman Design)

Wallpapering a Ceiling

It’s a nice surprise that draws the eye upward and makes a room appear bigger. Pick a bold pattern and incorporate the colors elsewhere with accessories, like the pillows on this bed and the desk-chair cushion. This pattern is by Keith McCoy. Browse Walnut Wallpaper and Roostery for other eye-popping options. (Room design by Jamie Bush + Co.)

Using a Ladder as a Towel Rack

A ladder’s way cooler than your average towel bar, even more so when draped with fringed Turkish towels. Secure to the wall with D rings or leather straps. Both World Market and Pottery Barn have versions of this vintage find. (Room design by Kate Lester Interiors)

Hanging a Rug on the Wall

A rug’s a one-and-done way to fill a wall, and a good conversation piece. Lightweight kilims and dhurries are best for hanging. The Velcro method is sturdy: Attach a strip of the hook side of Velcro to a piece of wood the width of the rug. Sew the looped side of the Velcro strip to the rug. Mount the wood to the wall; stick on the rug. This rug is vintage. Find great flat-weave rugs at Revival Rugs and Etsy stores Atelier Boheme Maroc and Moroccan Tribal. (Room design by Chelsea Hing Interior Design)