How Top Designers Balance Style and Pets

Washable faux-furs, monogrammed beds and crystal water bowls make a "dog's life" fabulous in these designers' homes.

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Photo By: Stacey Bewkes/Rizzoli USA ©Stacey Bewkes

Photo By: Stacey Bewkes/Rizzoli USA ©Stacey Bewkes

Photo By: Stacey Bewkes/Rizzoli USA ©Stacey Bewkes

Photo By: Stacey Bewkes/Rizzoli USA ©Stacey Bewkes

Photo By: Stacey Bewkes/Rizzoli USA ©Stacey Bewkes

Photo By: Stacey Bewkes/Rizzoli USA ©Stacey Bewkes

Photo By: Stacey Bewkes/Rizzoli USA ©Stacey Bewkes

Nathan Turner and Eric Hughes's Lovable Labs

Labrador retrievers Nacho and Wally are "happy, dopey brothers," say their pet-parents, Nathan Turner and Eric Hughes. The big dogs share the interior designers' weekend home in Malibu and an apartment in Beverly Hills during the week. Outdoors, Nacho and Wally relax on weather-resistant dog beds made of Sunbrella fabric and drink (or splash in) cool water kept in a galvanized tub on the porch. Turner and Hughes' stylish tips for a pet home: If your dogs are active and love walks, install plenty of hooks near the door, so you can hang leashes, collars and toys. These labs wear bright orange, waterproof collars from L.L. Bean when they're headed for the beach. Indoors, the partners protect their bedding with a utility canvas blanket.

HRH Lily and Mark D. Sikes

Lily, a French bulldog, lives in Hollywood Hills, but her person, designer Mark D. Sikes, says she's a Georgia peach who came from Atlanta. At nine years old, she practically rules the house, Sikes admits, which earned her the nickname, HRH, for Her Royal Highness. Serendipitously, Lily’s light coat blends nicely with the neutral hues in the living room. Sikes’ tips for a stylish pet home: Use rugs like the antique dhurrie shown here to help keep your pet's paws from slipping. Rugs will also help protect hardwood floors. Sikes and partner Michael Griffin match Lily's dog beds to the rugs in each room for a coordinated look. A cashmere blanket protects the sofa when Lily hops up and can be sent to the cleaners when needed.

At Home With Dogs and Their Designers

Every dog has its day, but when a dog lives with a celebrated designer like Jonathan Adler, Bunny Williams or Mary McDonald, that lucky canine spends all its days in comfortable elegance. Author Susanna Salk takes readers into the beautiful homes and animal-loving hearts of some of today’s best-known tastemakers in her book, At Home with Dogs and Their Designers: Sharing a Stylish Life (Rizzoli USA). Here, the pups belonging to architect and interior designer Robert Couturier are welcome on the sofa and almost anywhere else, he says--except on top of his dining room table.

Alex Papachristidis' Yorkie, Teddy

You can see designer Alex Papachristidis’ affection for animals in his interiors, which feature touches like zebra striped fabrics, bronze and porcelain turtles, and custom-made wallpapers adorned with birds. His adorable Yorkie, Teddy, "loves lush interiors," Papachristidis says, often snuggling onto an antique daybed. Tips for a stylish pet home: Papachristidis and partner Scott Nelson simply don’t worry about accidents on old-world fabrics. They camouflage mishaps by using lots of colors, prints and patterns in their apartment furnishings. They've even adapted a private niche to conceal an absorbent pad for Teddy’s bathroom needs. His parents purchase small vintage chairs, like the one shown here, so Teddy can easily climb onto beds and sofas.

Jonathan Adler and FoxyLady

Designer Jonathan Adler’s first love was pottery, but today his mixed breed rescue pup, FoxyLady, has a big hold on his heart. In keeping with his chic, modern interiors and furnishings, Adler designed her Lucite dog bed, which sits next to the couch. In the kitchen, she nibbles roast chicken from another Adler creation, a food-and-water-bowl set made of Lucite and brass. His tips for a stylish pet home: Things are just things, so don’t stress if those things get chewed now and then. Gnaw marks, Adler says, add character. His partner, Simon Doonan, keeps one of his old Burberry scarves on the bed so FoxyLady can nap nearby when he works at home.

Daisy in Martyn Lawerence Bullard's Garden

To designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, D.O.G., or Daisy Olympia Green, is part of the family. (The 4 1/2-year-old Wheaten terrier is named for the daisy field where Bullard found her.) Her initials embellish her silver Christofle water bowl, and when Bullard creates comfortable, glam interiors for his clients, he keeps their dogs’ needs in mind, too. His tips for a stylish pet home: Use a couple of leather club chairs in a living or family room, so pups have their own seats when they socialize with family and guests. Daisy loves to perch on Moroccan leather poofs in the garden. Bullard uses easy-to-clean, stain-resistant outdoor fabrics on furnishings inside and outside his home, and outdoor rugs on his floors.

Carolyn Roehm and Her "Babies"

Six dogs share designer Carolyne Roehm’s home and gardens, including three Havanese, a West Highland terrier, a Wheaten terrier, and an Australian Kelpie. She says her “babies,” Lucky, Dusty, Beethoven, Trollop, Baby Monkey and Teddy Bear, like to sit high up, so she keeps blankets on hand to protect the sofa. Roehm's tips for a stylish pet home: Buy extra fabric when you’re upholstering furniture, and have matching dog covers made. She recommends trimmed and quilted covers. Cut down on housework by keeping a basket of towels by the door to wipe wet or muddy paws, and slip mats under water bowls on wooden floors.

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