How To Paint Stripes on a Wall

Learn how to give a blank wall some personality with broad horizontal stripes.


Materials and Tools:

Ace Sensations paint Firefly flat
Ace Sensations paint Straw flat
Acrylic gel medium
Painter's tape (at least 1" wide)
Three paint brushes
Two paint rollers
Self-leveling laser level
Tape measure


1. Paint the entire wall with the Firefly paint color (light yellow) and let dry.

2. Measure the height of the wall and divide it by how many stripes you want. In our case, we wanted five stripes on the 92-1/2-inch wall. 92-1/2" divided by 5 equals 18-1/2" wide stripes.

3. Decide which color, light or dark, will be the first stripe. (Dark usually works better at the top.)

4. From the ceiling, measure down 18-1/2 inches (or the width of your stripes); mark this height with your pencil.

5. Repeat step #4 until you have a mark for each stripe.

6. Starting with the top mark, use your laser level to get a straight line across the entire wall.

7. Apply the painter's tape directly on the laser line. (Note: Make sure to put the tape on the correct side of the line to get an 18-1/2 " stripe).

8. Repeat step #6 until you have taped out all of the odd-numbered stripes.

9. With a small brush, apply a thin line of acrylic gel medium along the edges of the tape. (This will keep the darker yellow paint from bleeding onto the lighter yellow.) Let dry.

10. Paint the darker stripes.

11. Remove the painter's tape before the paint dries. Pull off the tape slowly, peeling it and folding it back on itself.

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