How To: Installing Tin Ceiling Panels

Host Steve Watson shows homeowners how to install tin ceiling panels.


Materials and Tools:

tin ceiling panels
175 linear feet 1x2 molding
175 linear feet bed molding
2-inch finish nails for nail gun
3-1/2 inch hole saw
air compressor with hoses
brad gun
cordless drill with battery and magnetic screw tip
measuring tape
painting supplies
safety glasses
tin snips




1. Center the panels between the beams. Most kits include a pebbled filler strip for the perimeter. Make sure the chandelier (or other lighting fixture) in the center of the room is centered on a panel. The panels are 24-inch square, so there will be seven panels in each opening. Mark your starting point by measuring back from the centerline of the room 7 feet and start there. Snap a chalk line 1-foot off center to keep a straight line.

2. Following the manufacturers instructions, attach the first panel. Overlap the bead of each panel as you continue. When you get to the chandelier or light fixture, cut the hole out using tin snips or a 3-1/4 inch hole saw. Be sure to follow the chalk line to keep the panels in line.



3. Use the pebbled filler in the spaces left on each end (there should be about 10 inches). Cut the filler to fit using the tin snips. Mark the line using a framing square and fine-tipped marker.

4. Since the space between the beams varies (26 to 29-inches in this case), fill the sides with a wood strip and small crown molding. Paint this trim later to match. Line up the 1x2 wood strips with the edge of the tin tile and nail it to the ceiling using a brad nailer. Install the crown molding between the side of the beam and the wood strip.

5. Fill the nail holes in the crown molding and wood strip. If necessary, caulk the seam between the tin and the wood strip.



6. Be sure to cover the floor completely with plastic and paper before painting the ceiling. Use blue painter's tape to mask off the beams. Paint the ceiling tin, wood strip and crown molding with the copper paint.

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