How to Customize Cheap Throw Pillows With Pom Poms

Learn how to make easy, inexpensive throw pillows look stylish and chic with pom-pom trim. No sewing required!

Get a Custom Look With Pom Pom Trim

Create a custom look without any special skills. We took an inexpensive throw pillow and customized it with some simple pom pom trim. Keep reading to see how we did it.


You only need a few items — a throw pillow (a cotton pillow will work best), a pair of scissors, pom pom trim and peel-and-stick hem tape.

Measure Trim

Lay out the trim next to the pillow to see how much you will need for each side.

Cut Trim

Once you have your measurements, cut trim to size. Be mindful as you cut the trim, because you'll want to make sure you leave enough to overlap your corners cleanly. 

Attach Hem Tape

Cut hem tape enough to cover the piece of trim. Then, place the tape on the back of the trim. Cut off any excess.

Peel Off Backing

Peel off the protective layer on the tape to expose the sticky side. Note: The tape is extremely sticky, so avoid touching it directly. 

Attach Trim

Attach trim to one side of the pillow by pressing down firmly one inch at a time.

Repeat for All Sides

Continue adding your trim to each side of the pillow. When you reach an edge, carefully overlap the trim as neatly as you can to form the corners. If you make a mistake, quickly lift up the trim before the tape sets and re-position it. 

Customize Any Pillow

You can use this technique to customize your pillows with any trim you'd like. Fringe and tassel trims would also look great. Keep in mind, certain types of pillow fabrics (leather, suede, velvet, etc) won't work as well with the tape.

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